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Beautiful Hollywood Cemetery…



By Allan R. Ellenberger


Someone once asked me what it would have cost to be buried at Hollywood Cemetery back in the early days. I have an ad for the cemetery from an old 1931 Los Angeles telephone directory that listed the prices for the various ways to be interred there.


Just as the cost of real estate in the living world depends on “Location, Location, Location,” the same holds true once you pass to the other side.


The ad qualifies the price by saying “and up” which probably means that it depends on where the “inurnment” is. For example, the price for crypts would depend where on the mausoleum wall it was. Crypts that are around eye level are usually more expensive than those at the top. The same would apply to niches. Outside graves would also depend on location: those that surround the lake would cost more than those in the rear of the property next to the wall. Remember, these are 1931 prices!


Mausoleum, private — $1,800 and up

Crypts — $225 and up

Family Plots — $162 and up

Graves, Single — $42.50

Cremation: Adults — $50 / Children — $10 to $25

Niches — $35.00 and up

Urns — $12.00 and up



 Hollywood Cemetery circa 1925 (LAPL)



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5 Responses to “Hollywood Cemetery”

  1. Lisa Burks says:

    Wow, this is so fun and fascinating to see. Thanks for the $tats, Allan!

  2. Tracy says:

    The crypt where Rudolph Valentino rests, cost $100 (it was bought in a block of four) when June Mathis bought it around 1923

  3. Ramona Dahl says:

    I love this cemetery now, but what a thrill it would’ve been to see it back “in the day”. Thank you for these “fun” facts. I suppose it’s always been expensive to die……

  4. Lynn says:

    I totally agree with Lisa, Allan. As usual, your work is wonderfully written, well-researched and the pictures you find are priceless!
    Thank you Lynn 🙂

  5. Landman says:

    Long live the Hollywood Forever Cemetery! This is one “Must See” site when visiting LA. It is so beautiful and serene.

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