Hollywood Blvd in 1932


Hollywood Boulevard at Christmas


Hollywood Blvd in 1932

Hollywood Boulevard looking west at Hudson Avenue in December 1932 (LAPL)



Hollywood Blvd 2009

Hollywood Boulvevard looking west at Hudson Avenue in December 2009 (Allan R. Ellenberger)



3 Responses to “Hollywood Blvd in 1932”

  1. Rosemary says:

    What a wonderful coincidence that an old car was parked on Hollywood Boulevard when the picture was snapped in the “now” photograph. It looks like the awnings are the same. Even though the light fixtures are not original, they look old. I loved the way they decorated them as Christmas trees. Love the photographs.

  2. Landman says:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful photo. It is hard to believe the “Same Look” since 1932. Even the striped awnings are simular to the ones in 1932. Allan, we all wish you a very Happy New Year! We look forward to the wonderful items you have on your blog. IT IS THE BEST! C Allan Anderson.

  3. Tony Fleming says:


    I’m so glad to see your Then and Now pix. Great stuff.

    Happy New Year!


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