Gloria Holden’s Birthday…

Happy 100th Birthday

Gloria Holden?






  • BORN: September 5, 1908?, London, England
  • DIED: March 22, 1991, Redlands, California
  • CAUSE OF DEATH : Heart attack
  • BURIAL: Hillside Memorial Park, Redlands, California



(Findagrave / Graving Queen of the OC)


Note: There is an obvious discrepancy when it comes to Holden’s year of birth. At the time of her death in 1991, obituaries gave her age as 73 and her year of birth as 1917 — which is the date on her grave marker. Recently that was amended to 1908 and is given as such on the Internet Movie Data Base and other sources. However, according to the census report of 1930, Gloria Holden’s age is listed as 26 which means she was actually born in 1903 (the census was taken in April). She also had a son Marvin who was seven years old at the time so the 1917 date could not be possible since it’s doubtful she gave birth to him at the age of seven. This information is also confirmed by the 1920 census when her family was living in Radnor, Pennsylvania and she was 16 years old, which would also validate the 1903 year of birth. When she died in 1991, Gloria Holden was in fact 87 years old and not 73. So even though she may not really be 100 years old today, we will celebrate it anyway – she deserves it for successfully getting away with shaving 14 years off her age, which may be a record in Hollywood.



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18 Responses to “Gloria Holden’s Birthday…”

  1. Cynthia DeKypurr says:

    Gloria Holden did not have a son named ‘Marvin’.

    Gloria had only one child Christopher Hoyt who died in a car crash in 1970 at the age of 26.

    There was someone called ‘Larry Holden’ who lied about being Gloria’s son. His daughter Laurie Holden also used to make the same claim, but they are not related at all.

    Gloria had no grandchildren.
    A. That may be true, but in 1930 she had a 7 year old son named Marvin in her household according to the 1930 census. Thanks.

  2. Kat says:

    Allan is correct. On the 1920 (census), her mother is going by the last name of Ramig, and both of her daughters were aged 16 and 14 at the time. Gloria is the 16 year old, and on the 1930 Census it states that Gloria is living in New York with her mother and sister and son Marvin aged 7. Gloria is divorced too. I wonder what happened to Marvin?

  3. BOF says:

    1) The memorial bronze plaque says: “1912” not 1917 (look at the other “2’s” on the plaque with your magnifier).

    2) She was born in 1903.
    (not 1908; 1912; or 1917.)

    NOTE: An Eskea Minadina Holiday Bergmann (daughter of Anna E. Leithoff and Albert Bergmann) married a Laurence Hampden (or Lawrence Hampton) Holden, 28 JUL 1902, London, England.

    (a) Her birth record says: “Births Quarter ending December 1903:” HOLDEN, Gloria Anna — (district) Greenwich — (volume) 1d — (page) 1095.

    (b) If you look at the Ellis Island arrival record she came to America as a 10-month old on the New York arriving New York City from Southampton on 16 JUL 1904, with father;
    Lawrence (30y6m – b.abtDec1873)
    and mother;
    Eskea (31y4m – b.abtFeb1873).
    (Use July 1 as the sailing date from Southampton)

    (c) This is consistent with all three census sheets:
    1910: age 6; born about 1904
    1920: age 16; born about 1904
    1930: age 26; born about 1904

    3) Her father, Laurence Hampden Holden, died 20 AUG 1908, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. On his death certificate he is listed as a Watchmaker. He died at age 33 of tuberculosis.

    4) Eskea is listed as marrying a Clarence J Knowd in Philadelphia in 1908. (But she is back to Holden by the 1910 census; so that did not seem to go very well).
    She is then listed as marrying: Charles E Romig (not RAmig as listed above) in 1910, also in Philadelphia.

    5) Gloria is listed as marrying a Harry D Reynolds in Philadelphia in 1921.

    6) Next a “Marvin” appears on the 1930 USFC as a grandson of Eskea.

    7) Since her father was named Lawrence/Laurence and married in 1921, I conjecture that maybe Gloria had a son with Harry that she named either Marvin Lawrence or Lawrence Marvin and called him “Larry”.

    8) Mother Eskea (born 3 FEB 1873), died in Los Angeles 17 SEP 1954.

    9) Sister Queen/Queenie (born 1 MAR 1905), married a Marvin, died 1 SEP 1985 in Redlands, Ca.

    10) The obituary from the Associated Press for Gloria (repeated from the Redlands Daily Facts) states: “Miss Holden is survived by her husband [William Hoyt] and a brother, Lawrence Holden of Los Angeles.”

    Now, obviously this can’t be her brother as contradicted by the 1910, 1920, & 1930 USFCs.

    The “Glen Corbett/Larry Holden” that is listed as being born 15 SEP 1922, which jives with the 1930 USFC.

    So it appears that a Marvin Lawrence/Lawrence Marvin should have been born circa 1922-1923.

    Now, I would like to see one credible newspaper clipping/obit that the Glen/Larry that died 15 August 1997, in Houston, Texas, is in FACT the same person. I have not been able to tie this together. Need a Texas Death Cert.

    What happened to the father Harry D. Reynolds? Most likely the relationship just didn’t work out.

    It is fairly easy to see how a “3” could become an “8”, but you missed her 100th birthday by five years, sorry.

    Cynthia DeKypurr: What is your basis for your statement? While I can’t prove Larry “is“, can you prove he is not?

    I need a little more help to make the link.

  4. Armand says:

    BOF, I think asking her to “prove he is not” is absurd. The proof needs to be presented by the party making such a claim. She couldn’t “prove” that you or I are not related to Gloria Holden or King Tut!

    Your comment reminds me of that quote in ‘Citizen Kane’, where Kane publishes a story about a Spanish fleet being off the shores of New Jersey. When challenged about this absurd contention his response is “Can, you prove they’re not?”

  5. Vehre says:

    I know relatives of Gloria. According to the family, Larry/Glen was called her “brother” in order to facilitate the deception about her age. He was her son.

  6. Marcus says:

    You obviously don’t know any of her relatives Vehre, for if you did, you’d know that she only has one son: Christopher. You come here with some cocked up story about a conspiracy about her age? Really?? Gloria Holden’s ONLY son Christopher died many years ago.

  7. CW says:

    I am a great-niece of Bill Hoyt. I met Gloria several times and it is common knowledge in our family that Gloria’s son, Larry, was passed off as her brother for years. I’m sorry if this upsets people, but it is the truth.

  8. Sharon says:

    I am also a relative of Bill Hoyt who died a few days ago and yes CW is right. Gloria did have another child, Larry Holden(also known as Glenn Corbett) years before she had Chris. He was passed off as her brother and in fact, he didn’t even know he was her son until he was in his 40’s. Her granddaughter is Laurie Holden also an actress.

  9. Susan L Hudon says:

    I am the granddaughter by marriage to Wiliams brother George Hoyt. My mother JoAnn Georges Step daughter and my father visited Gloria and William several times during Glorias later years. And my mother was told of Glorias “Brother” Larry. Whom my mother believed to have been Glorias brother. So I believe that this man existed and therefore was Glorias son. Think about how things were back then. It would have been a horrible ordeal to have a child out of wedlock or at such an early age. So to save face and to keep the Holden name in good standing it would only make sense to cover the facts of who Larry really was. And you know? It’s ok that she did and her family did. They didn’t just shun Gloria and shove her away in some girls school to hide the fact and have Larry sent to an orphanage never to know who he was. So those of you who think you know it all… Well maybe you don’t!

  10. Of course larry was her son,passed off as her brother….out of wedlock child by a young girl…common practice back then

  11. Arin says:

    You’re all being foolish. Her only true relative is her father, Dracula. I’m not sure where you’re all getting this nonsense from… In all seriousness, her situation is quite confusing. All the incorrect birth years and relatives. It’s almost as if at least 80% of people on the internet are related to her. Hell, maybe I am! I demand a blood test. Though this may be difficult…

  12. Deborah Holden Cohen says:

    Several of the above comments are incorrect. Lawrence Holden was my father, and he was the son of Gloria Holden. His birth certificate reads Edgar Marvin Reynolds lll (I have the original certificate). Gloria did not recognize Lawrence because she was an actress and did not want to appear old enough to have a son. She later gave birth to Christopher.

  13. Jeff says:

    Since her relatives seem to occasionally lurk around here, I had a question. Which, you may not be able to answer, but it’s worth a shot. How come there are no interviews with her? Just curious.

  14. K Burkhart says:

    Does anyone know anything about Gloria Holden living in the hills around the San Fernando Valley during her movie star years? When I was 8 – 1960 – we lived in the hills there and my brother and I would go to this burned out mansion on the hill behind our house, which everyone told us was owned by the actress who played Dracula’s Daughter. It also had a natural amphitheater on the grounds with stones for seats. All the older generation is gone now, so I don’t know if this was true or just a scary story for us kids!

  15. Wayne Woodall says:

    I went to Hillside Cemetery to make a tribute video to Gloria Holden since it’s almost Halloween, and she starred as Dracula’s daughter. I was met there by a coyote who pointed the way to her grave. I then read the stone which discussed her son’s death. I knew nothing about him, so I went home, and discovered that he died tragically by a rock being thrown from an overpass, and hitting his head. I added all of that information to the video. I just realized 2 days later that the article of his death was published on October 24, 1970, and we visited his grave on October 24, 2015 exactly 45 years later. I know all of this could be chance, but it seems strange to me. Perhaps he has something to say?

  16. Ardis shanks says:

    When I was just a kid. I met Gloria’s sister…Queen….
    She was an artist. I learned much from this dear lady
    And I also became an artist
    Was mad about her son Doug. The love of my life
    Such grand people

  17. Michael Douglas Holden says:

    I am the grand-son to Queen HOLDEN, sister to Gloria HOLDEN. I knew both of them very well growing up.
    Gloria did marry Harry Reynolds in Philadelphia, PA and together they had a son, “Marvin Reynolds” when Gloria was 19 years old and Harry was 28 years old. However, the wealthy Reynolds parents disapproved of the marriage and pressured their son to get rid of his wife and son. They paid Gloria to move away and take her son with her. She took the money and left, moving to Queens, New York. She also took her mother, Eskea, and her younger sister, Queen with her.
    When she came to New York she got employment in modelling, a brutal profession for women who had to be young and beautiful, single and childless. So in one of the census reports, it lists Queen HOLDEN as the mother to “Marvin HOLDEN” [when his real surname was Reynolds].
    My grand-mother was talented as a seamstress and an artist. She got employment as a seamstress and transitioned into being the illustrating of “Paper Dolls”, which made her famous at the time.
    Gloria was born in London, England on the fifth of September, 1903. Yes, she lied about her age and date of birth, again because she wanted to sell herself as younger than she was. And her son, Marvin, was introduced eventually as her brother. Not a son.
    Marvin legally changed his name to Lawrence HOLDEN [to represent his maternal grand-father Laurence Hampden HOLDEN. And he too tried to get into movies under the stage name of “Glenn Corbett”. His daughter is Heather Laurie HOLDEN, known as Laurie HOLDEN. She also is in the business of acting in movies and television. [She never married and never had children. She is a very sweet person in real life.]
    A little trivia information:
    In April 12, 1939, the Pittsburgh Press, Reporter George Ross wrote that Actor “William Holden” signed on for the “coveted role” as the lead in a new movie called “Golden Boy” with actress Barbara Stanwyck. The article noted that the actors real name was “Bill Beadle”. However the Assistant Director and Scout on the Columbia Pictures Lot, “Harold Winston” renamed the actor in honor of his ex-wife, Gloria HOLDEN, for whom “he still carried the torch for her” despite their marital rift.
    I grew up hearing that story but I never thought is was true until I was able to get my hands on a copy of that newspaper article.
    My fathers cousin, Lawrence HOLDEN, I always called him “Uncle Larry”. He was very good to us kids growing up and I always felt sorry for him because he never got to know his own father and his mother seemed to reject him over her career.
    Uncle Larry served in the military in the later years of WWII. He had an Army buddy named “Bill HOYT” and Larry brought him home. When Bill met Gloria HOLDEN they fell in love and married [Despite their huge age difference.] Gloria was successfully impregnated by Bill and she gave birth to her second son “William Christopher HOYT”. [He was an awesome person]. But he was tragically killed by a person dropping boulders off a bridge onto cars passing under the bridge while he was driving on a Los Angeles Freeway. It crushed his head.
    Bill HOYT and Gloria HOLDEN seemed to have a successful marriage and stayed married until her death. My father loved Bill HOYT like a brother. And my father loved his cousin Lawrence HOLDEN. Larry died from Colon Cancer

  18. Anthony says:

    Michael Douglas Holden, thank you for all of that information. It’s very interesting and great that this long gone actress from Hollywood’s golden age has relatives to tell her story.

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