Frank Coghlan Jr. Obituary


Frank Coghlan Jr., who played Billy Batson in landmark Captain Marvel serial, dies at 93


 Frank Coghlan Jr.


The serial was the first to bring a comic book superhero to the big screen. Previously, Coghlan was a child actor in the ’20s and ’30s, and later did commercials and public relations work.


By Dennis McLellan
Los Angeles Times
September 16, 2009


Frank Coghlan Jr., a silent-movie child actor who later played young Billy Batson, who transformed into Captain Marvel by uttering the magical word “Shazam!” in the landmark 1941 serial “Adventures of Captain Marvel,” has died. He was 93.


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  1. Teresa Bellino Bobe says:

    Like the survivors of the Titanic who are no more. Soon it will be those who experienced the Silent Era when it was really happening. I was watching the Yankee Clipper today and remaked how Mr. Coghlan was most likely the only one left from this movie.

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