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Frank Bank dies at 71; played ‘Lumpy’ on ‘Leave It to Beaver’




After playing Wally’s dim-witted sidekick on the popular TV show in the 1950s and 1960s, Bank found himself typecast, so he quit acting and became a successful financial broker, with ‘Beaver’ co-stars Jerry Mathers and Barbara Billingsley among his clients.


By Elaine Woo
Los Angeles Times
April 15, 2013


Frank Bank, who as Clarence “Lumpy” Rutherford served as the dim-witted foil to “Beaver” Cleaver and brother Wally on the classic TV comedy “Leave It to Beaver,” died Saturday. He was 71.


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5 Responses to “Frank Bank Obituary”

  1. Anne says:

    Frank Banks ‘ role as a dim- witted character, was intricately woven into the story line representing LEAVE IT TO BEAVER sitcom. Thanks for the laughter and may you rest in peace.

  2. Landman says:

    “Daddy”! Will you buy me some ice cream! Lumpy, one of the best of the Leave It To Beaver Cast. God Bless you Frank, and all the other Banks!

  3. D P says:

    I couldn’t stand Lumpy! Boy at his age calling his dad DADDY. Why did he wear open shirts showing chest hair at his age? Impolite, liar, wouldn’t even consider a job & what about college? Was he just going to sit on his butt having DADDY give him an allowance? Not sure who was a worse character him or Eddie both LAZY SNEAKY PEOPLE!!!

  4. Kevin Marquez says:

    Yo DP! These were fictional characters for the ages. Appreciate.

  5. Katielee says:

    I absolutely love this show, I wish I would have been born in these times. Thinks we’re better people were nice… What a great era it was.

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