Fan Mail Stolen!

Stolen fan mail of Crawford and Novarro discovered!




By Allan R. Ellenberger



For decades, fan mail has always been a way for admirers to communicate with their favorite. However its fairly rare for fans to steal the fan mail. That was the case in September of 1933 when it was revealed that more than 100 unopened letters addressed to Joan Crawford and Ramon Novarro were discovered in a recently vacate suite of rooms at the Ambrose Apartments, 68 North Los Robles Avenue, and turned over to police.


Although the authorities did not suspect that the letters were stolen for any sinister reasons such as formulation of a kidnap plot or extortion  conspiracy, they admitted they were looking for a former Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer employee whom they wished to interview.


The bundle of letters, tied with a string, was turned over to Police Detective Collins by Mrs. Robert C. Crawford (who insisted she was not a relative of Joan’s’), an occupant of the apartment house.


Detective Collins was of the opinion that most of the letters were from film fans, in view of the fact that they are addressed to the M-G-M Studio. Some of the foreign stamps were steamed from the envelopes, indicating that whoever stole or was given the stars’ unopened mail was a stamp collector. It is not known if the thief was ever caught.



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