Estelle Getty at Hollywood Forever…


 Estelle Getty







  • BORN: July 25, 1923, New York, New York
  • DIED: July 22, 2008, Hollywood, California
  • CAUSE OF DEATH: Lewy Body disease
  • BURIAL: Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Plains of Abraham (Sec. 14), Row CC, Grave 88




Getty’s temporary marker




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5 Responses to “Estelle Getty at Hollywood Forever…”

  1. Jayne Osborne says:

    Congratulations on getting this one! Funny she turned out to be such a hot topic for a while.

    Interesting that the kiosk had the wrong location.


  2. Allan Ellenberger says:

    I know. I didnt check the kiosk this weekend to see if they corrected it. I wonder what the story is behind that. Thanks.

  3. Harry Martin says:

    I was *just* hoping for a photo of her last night! Thanks for all the great location shots, too.


  4. Jim Lacy says:

    Thanks for getting this one nailed down (at last).
    Is that another temp marker on the right side of the third picture, opposite Estelle’s?

  5. Allan Ellenberger says:

    Jim, yes, her neighbor to the south is also a new resident. Thanks.

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