Elizabeth Taylor’s funeral


Elizabeth Taylor’s family attends burial at Forest Lawn



By Nardine Saad
Los Angeles Times
March 24, 2011


Elizabeth Taylor’s family and friends arrived about 10 minutes behind schedule to the Hollywood icon’s memorial service in Glendale on Thursday.


Dozens of fans and media outlets from around the globe lined the 1700 block of South Glendale Avenue for hours to catch a glimpse of the former actress’ star-studded family and friends as they passed through the grand wrought-iron gates of the memorial park where she will be laid to rest alongside her good friend Michael Jackson.


The limos arrived at 2:10 p.m. for the service, which was being held inside the Great Mausoleum where her body will be interred. Glendale Police Department spokesman Tom Lorenz said Taylor’s body was already inside the park.


The department was asked to assist in security for the three dozen to four dozen family members and friends expected to attend the service because of the proximity of an elementary school. Officer could be seen on motorcycles and others were in plainclothes.


The actress, who died of congestive heart failure Wednesday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, converted to Judaism in the 1950s when she married her fourth husband, Eddie Fisher. Jewish tradition calls for a burial as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hours, after a person’s death.


The cemetery is also the final resting place of movie stars John Wayne [he is actually at Pacific View Memorial Park], James Stewart and Sammy Davis Jr. Taylor and Jackson are in separate wings of the mausoleum, though she is near him, Lorenz said.


“There’s nowhere in the world where more famous people are laid to rest,” Lorenz said.



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  1. Where in the world do they get the idea that John Wayne is in there? What kind of reporting is this? It’s the LA Times, fer crissake!

  2. Anne says:

    Sympathy extended to her family and loved ones. Rest in peace lovely one.

  3. Landman says:

    Elizabeth, you were one of the few real Stars of Hollywood. Your beauty, grace and charm will never be seen in Hollywood again. You were my Mothers favorite, she loved you from the first time she saw you on the silver screen. Dear Elizabeth, thanks for your many charities that you gave your self to. Namely the AIDS fight. Good night my Dear. Thank you for making all the wonderful classic films that will run forever!!!

  4. SueNomi says:

    Ok, how can you be both in serperate wings yet still near each other?
    Is it that she is in another hall of Holly Terrace?

  5. Scatter says:

    Man, how I hate the policies of Forest Lawn Glendale.

    FL Hollywood Hills and Hollywood Forever are as star-studded as Glendale, but they don’t prohibit fans from paying their respects as they do at Glendale.

    Stan Laurel, John Ritter, Bette Davis, Telly Savales, Liberace and others can be freely visited in FL HH.

    Marilyn Monroe, Dean Martin, Al Jolson, Jack Lemmon, Valentino, Douglas Fairbanks, Jack Webb, etc etc etc…………..can all be freely visited in their various cemeteries without any difficulties. But somehow FL Glendale cannot permit that.

    Well, they screwed up this time. Elizabeth Taylor is interred just outside the theater where they show a presentation on the Last Supper stained glass windows every 30 minutes………..which anyone can see throughout the day at their leisure. Say “hello” to Liz on the right side of the theater doors as you enter for the movie (or pretend to go see the movie).

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