Doris Eaton Travis Obituary


Doris Eaton Travis, among the last of the Ziegfeld Girls, dead at 106




By Kenneth Jones and Robert Simonson
11 May 2010


Doris Eaton Travis, the former Ziegfeld Follies dancer who inspired 21st century audiences with her pluck, good will — and fancy footwork — at 12 of 13 annual Easter Bonnet Competition performances for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, died May 11 at the age of 106, according to Tom Viola, executive director of BC/EFA.


Ms. Eaton was thought to be among “the last of the Ziegfeld Girls” — as were known the bejeweled ensemble of women who graced the stage of the New Amsterdam Theatre (and elsewhere) in producer Flo Ziegfeld’s revues in the first quarter of the 20th century.


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5 Responses to “Doris Eaton Travis Obituary”

  1. Jim says:

    “Pearl also ended badly. She died in 1958 in her Manhattan Beach apartment, the victim of a bizarre murder which remains unsolved.” Know anything about this Allan?

  2. CatM says:

    Was she a showgirl or a pony? The thing I love about old Glamor stars is that even years later, they still know how to present themselves. And look at those eyes!

  3. Landman says:

    Doris, you were a charming lady! Wish I would have known you, as you are an inspiration for us all. To get to the wonderful age of 106 and still have the “Kicks”! God bless you sweet Lady. Rest in peace.

  4. Lisa Cousins says:

    To address Jim’s question about Pearl’s murder, this topic is briefly touched upon in the Lauren Redniss biography of Doris Eaton Travis, “Century Girl.” She writes: “Pearl stayed in Los Angeles and, after a stint as a local census taker, filled her days with liquor and literary aspirations. She typed out manuscript upon manuscript – short stories, and scripts with titles like SHEER LUCK and THIS MAN IS MINE – folding them into long envelopes and mailing them to herself. Then one cool September day in 1958, Pearl was murdered in her bedroom. Doris: ‘Somebody came in and attacked her and that was that. She was helpless, just helpless.’ Photographs snapped at the crime scene show Pearl naked next to a soiled bed strewn with magazines, her mouth clenched in struggle. Handprints streak the walls and mark Pearl’s thighs. The crime was never solved.” That’s the entire extent of what is reported in the book. I will say that this biography, published in 2006, contains wonderful photographs and lots of interesting information, but I would also caution that the text is handwritten in capital letters (a la comic strips) which meander confusingly across the page, and that this makes the book a real challenge to actually read.
    Thanks for the info Lisa — Allan

  5. Christine Davis says:

    That is a most marvelous picture, Allan….did you take it? It’s rather haunting, the old vs. the new. Love mature, beautiful women, and look at her, no work done, but still, undenialably beautiful…..may she rest in peace!

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