Dominick Dunne Obituary


Dominick Dunne, author and former Hollywood producer, dies at 83


 Dominick Dunne


Dunne was notorious for his skewering accounts of the trials of celebrities including Claus von Bulow, the Menendez brothers and O.J. Simpson. He was diagnosed with bladder cancer last year.


By Elaine Wo
Los Angeles Times
August 26, 2009


Dominick Dunne, the bestselling novelist and Vanity Fair writer who chronicled the misdeeds of the rich and famous with wicked glee — most memorably in his highly personal accounts of the trials of Claus von Bulow, the Menendez brothers and O.J. Simpson — has died. He was 83.


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3 Responses to “Dominick Dunne Obituary”

  1. Landman says:

    I will miss his episodes on TV. Very interesting stories about fame, fortune and greed. May you rest in peace Mr. Dunne, we will all miss you.

  2. Mr. Dunne had a most engaging personality and his works were quite significant . My sympathy to his loved ones ….he will be missed!

  3. Lynn Recck says:

    Dominick Dunne has been a hero of mine for years. The way he crashed, burned and then rose from the ashes so relatively late in life to find more fame and fortune than he ever dreamed possible just amazed and inspired me. I loved his candor and his style and many times (seriously) dreamed of being his BFF! The main reason I subscribed to Vanity Fair for so many years was to read Mr. Dunne’s monthly article. I hope that he did not suffer and that he is resting in well-deserved peace.

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