Danny Kaye’s 100th Birthday







BREAKING NEWS: January 18 was noted as the 100th birthday of comedian Danny Kaye. This morning (January 20) on TCM they are honoring Kaye by showing his films all day. Their special guest is Deana Kaye, Danny’s daughter. She just announced that her father’s actual year of birth was 1911 yet he always claimed it was 1913. Even his death certificate has 1913 so they decided to honor him with his wish to celebrate it on that year. She said that she has no idea what those two years meant to him since by Hollywood standards if you’re going to fudge on your birth year, it’s usually by at least 10 years.


Click here to see a clip of Danny Kaye in The Court Jester (1955)



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  1. Anne says:

    Danny Kaye was a gifted performer in varied aspects of show business. His genius was palpable throuqhout his career . A wonderful humanitarian and a great performer , who will always be appreciated for the pleasure he gave the public……his fans.

  2. Hollywood K says:

    Anthony Dexter died from a stroke. I always end up on your page somehow lol. I must say it’s seems pretty legit very nice you are rare. 🙂 I archive for Library Of Congress but I live and was born and raised here in Hollywood on the east side. As you figured out I’m sure I do digital archiving. So when I saw that his cause of death was unknown I thought I’d check for you because you appear to be organized a detailed. I can tell you have worked along time putting this site together and I hope you keep at it, this is a great hobby and I’m sure it makes a lot of peoples day. If you ever need info or graphics let me know If its Hollywood I most likely have in my personal files if not I can slip you something from work it’s okay I have all needed permissions. Good luck with this page.

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