Clark Gable’s crypt kissed


Clark Gable’s Tomb Vandalized By A Kiss


(NewsCore) – The tomb of silver screen star Clark Gable was vandalized by an adoring bandit who left her mark with lipstick — causing a repair team to be called to clean it, TMZ reported Sunday.


Gable, who is entombed in a mausoleum at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, Calif. — also the final resting place of Walt Disney, Michael Jackson and a host of other celebrities — is regularly sought after by female fans, and traces of lipstick are occasionally spotted by the actor’s son John Clark Gable.


Although most previous marks were easily wiped away, the latest one stubbornly stuck, forcing a “total overhaul” of the white marble monument by a repair team.


John Clark Gable also warned against letting Jackson fans into the mausoleum — claiming that if they came inside, their tributes could damage surrounding memorials, including his father’s.


He said he asked security to “keep an eye out” for the lipstick bandit’s return.


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6 Responses to “Clark Gable’s crypt kissed”

  1. Diane says:

    I snuck past the velvet rope to pay my respects to Gable back in the early 80s. I took a photo, had a quiet moment and was on my way before anyone knew I was there.

    It’s really too bad that so many notables NEED to be kept off-limits to the public. While I don’t approve of the “kiss”, I think it is sad that a fuss is being made over a loving lipstick tribute… it could have been spray paint or something really damaging.

    It is nice to know that John Clark goes to visit his parents.

  2. philip says:

    Oh, so that’s how it works in Glendale. Very impressive.

    Over here in Hollywood, we don’t mind the lipstick prints on Valentino’s crypt. Guess we’re just provincial that way.

  3. A kiss today…or big key scratches all over the plaque like they did to Marilyn last year….show some respect…..

  4. This is all just anti-Jackson PR bullshit. Gable is going WAY out of his way to make sure the Jackson family does not open the the GM to fans on June 25. As if that would ever actually happen. It’s paranoid. I think he planted the lipstick (and the story) himself.

  5. Emma Strong says:

    Mr. Gable loved women, and he certainly would never turn down a well-intentioned kiss from an adoring “fan.”

  6. Tally Haugen says:

    Carole must have howled to beat the band at THIS one!
    PS to Diane:
    I wish Id had the guts to do that in ’95, when we were there….

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