Cinecon 46 lineup


 Cinecon 46 lineup







Here is the film schedule for Cinecon 46. For more information about these films visit our Film Line-up page.


All of these screenings will be at Grauman’s Egyptian Theater, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard. Admission is by day pass or full festival pass which can be purchased in advance or at the door during the show, please see our Registration page for more information.


Show times are approximate and this schedule is subject to change without notice. Some films are listed here pending final clearance. Guests appearances are confirmed subject to unforeseen circumstances.

Thursday September 2
7:00    DINNER FOR EIGHT (1934) Early Technicolor Short
7:20   KING OF BURLESQUE (1936) Warner Baxter, Alice Faye 85 min
8:55   DOWN ON THE FARM (1921) Louise Fazenda, Harry Gribbon 65 min
10:15   VOICE OF HOLLYWOOD 2 shorts introduced by David Stenn

I LIKE IT THAT WAY (1934) Gloria Stuart, Roger Pryor 67 min


Friday September 3
9:00   RHAPSODY IN WOOD (1947) George Pal Puppetoon
9:10   BOMBSHELL (1933) Jean Harlow. Lee Tracy 96 min
10:55   TENNESSEE’S PARDNER (1916) Fannie Ward 65 min
12:05    Lunch Break
1:35   THE PEPPERY SALT (1935) Andy Clyde Short
2:00   THE FRESHMAN (1925) Harold Lloyd, Jobyna Ralston
3:45   THIS IS THE LIFE (1935) introduced by Jane Withers 63 min
5:00   Two shorts with Louise Currie
6:30    Dinner Break
8:00   THE GROCERY CLERK (1919) Larry Semon
8:20    THE WAY OF THE STRONG (1928) Directed by Frank Capra 61 min
9:30    EASY TO TAKE (1936) introduced by Marsha Hunt and Marilyn Knowlden 67 min

YOU NEVER KNOW WOMEN (1926) directed by William Wellman 65 min


Saturday September 4
9:10    WARNER ARCHIVE PROGRAM meet George Feltenstein plus unseen shorts
Return to those glorious days of yesteryear with a full program like they used to do on Saturday mornings. Featuring SHORTS – TRAILERS – NEWSREEL – SERIAL CHAPTER – PRIZES –plus our BIG FEATURE
THE THRILL HUNTER (1933) starring Buck Jones 60 min
12:15    Lunch Break
featuring a fragment of FLAMING YOUTH (1923), the documentary KEEPERS OF THE FRAME and the newly discovered Charlie Chaplin short A THIEF CATCHER (1914)
3:45    THE CASE OF BECKY (1915) Blanche Sweet, Carlyle Blackwell 65 min
5:00    A PAIR OF SILK STOCKINGS (Fox, 1918) Constance Talmadge. A new restoration introduced by Patrick Stanbury
6:10    Dinner Break
7:45    FROM BAD TO WORSE (1937) Charley Chase short
8:05    THE SEA WOLF (1930) Milton Sills 87 min
9:45    THE TESTING BLOCK (1920) William S. Hart 70 min

THE COLLEGE COQUETTE (1929) Jobyna Ralston 68 min


Sunday September 5
9:00    Laurel & Hardy Short
9:20    THE BREAKING POINT (1924) Nita Naldi 75 min
10:45    MISTER BIG (1943) in person Cinecon honoree BOBBY SCHERER 63 min
12:10    Lunch Break
1:30    THE BOY FRIEND (1928) Max Davidson short
1:55    FROM HELL TO TEXAS (1958) in person Cinecon Honoree DON MURRAY
4:20    DOUBLE OR NOTHING (1937) Bing Crosby, Mary Carlisle 90 min



Monday September 6
9:00    GODDESS OF SPRING (1934) Silly Symphony
9:20    BROTHERS (1930) Bert Lytell, Dorothy Sebastian 79 min
10:45    THE SEVENTH DAY (1922) Richard Barthelmess 60 min
12:00    CADET GIRL (1941) Carole Landis, George Montgomery 69 min
1:10    Lunch Break
2:30    CROOKED STREETS (1920) Jack Holt 57 min
3:50    CROSS COUNTRY CRUISE (1934) Lew Ayres, June Knight 72 min
5:10    CAREER WOMAN (1936) Claire Trevor 76 min


The good people at Cinecon do their best to stick to the schedule, but changes and delays are inevitable.

Program subject to change without notice and pending final clearance




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