Charlotte Jessel at Hollywood Forever


Charlotte Jessel


Charlotte Jessel


By Allan R. Ellenberger


Charlotte Jessel Brod was the mother of comedian George Jessel and the silent party to imaginery telephone conversations on his radio program. Fans of Jessel felt that they knew Brod through hearing the concluding feature of the comedians broadcasts in which he picked up a telephone and engaged in monologues called, “Phone Call from Mama” — his most famous comedy skit.


Brod died on August 4, 1945 at Jessel’s home, 810 N. Camden Drive, Beverly Hills. In addition to her son, she was survived by her husband Robert Brod of New York and a sister, Deborah Solomon of Beverly Hills.


At her funeral close friends, actor Eddie Cantor and former New York Mayor, James Walker, gave the eulogies. Brod’s grave is located in the Garden of Solomon section (16), fifth row from the road, of Beth Olam which is the Jewish section of Hollywood Forever. This is only a short distance from the grave of her former daughter-in-law, Norma Talmadge.


George Jessel


George Jessel is interred at Hillside Memorial Park in Culver City.



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  1. Melissa says:

    Such a unique find; being greatly interested in immediate family of film & theatre folks, I really appreciate this! Thank you so much for sharing, Allan.

  2. I’ll bet she was a great Brod. I will be sure to find her next visit. Thanks, Allan, as always, for the deeper story behind the celebrity.

  3. Allan Ellenberger says:

    Thanks Steve and Melissa, Hollywood Forever has many celebrity parents who I will feature once in a while.

  4. Lisa Burks says:

    Love the parent angle, Allan! An interesting, important part of Hollywood history. Thanks for chronicling Charlotte’s story and whereabouts and I look forward to more of your posts (as always!)

  5. d.w. says:

    another great story and another beautiful photograph…Kudos to you Allan

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