Celebrity Recipes…Harry Houdini


Harry Houdini






Three large pieces white bread — buttered. Cut in quarters, and line an enamel pie dish with same. Prepare custard of two eggs, one cup granulated sugar, one quart of milk.


Pour custard over bread and butter, and bake it in moderate oven forty-five minutes.


“I happen to have a weakness for sweets, and this one you will not find in any other cook book.”


— Sincerely yours,

Harry Houdini






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  1. Lisa Cousins says:

    Houdini’s niece Marie Blood (deceased 2004) marketed a wonderful little collection of family-oriented memorabilia, and she included this recipe, which she billed as “Houdini’s Favorite Dessert.” There are two slight differences in her version – the recipe is doubled from what is described here (six pieces of bread, etc.), and she adds a teaspon of vanilla to the custard mix. I’ve made this many times, and it’s great. Marie says that “Uncle Harry” liked it plain or with bing cherries.

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