Celebrity Homes…Pola Negri


Pola Negri

Then & Now



621 North Beverly Boulevard

Beverly Hills, California


“When Rudy returned from Europe, he came directly to my house. He bounded out of the car and raced to the door, shouting, “Polita, I am free! I am free! — Pola Negri, from her autobiography, Memoirs of a Star



Pola Negri lived here during her relationship with Rudolph Valentino in 1925-1926. She sold the house several months after Valentino’s death.



An artists rendition of Negri’s residence, circa 1925


Negri’s former residence today, which has changed very little since the 1920s


(Courtesy Joe Yranski)



Photo of residence with Pola standing at door


The residence as it looked from the backyard in the 1920s


Pola standing at door of residence



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14 Responses to “Celebrity Homes…Pola Negri”

  1. caroline says:

    Fabulous photos of a fabulous house! It amazes me how it has not changed very much since the 1920’s and I always make sure I “stop by” every time that I am in L.A.

    Thanks so much for posting these, Allan 🙂

  2. Harry Martin says:

    Very cool. I liked how the postcard artist stretched the house to look more imposing. The yard is much less deep, but that could have been eroded by the street being widened, but the palm tree is still visible to the left. Love this stuff.

  3. debbie says:

    Thank you for the photos. Interesting page. Take care.

  4. Donna says:

    Another great posting (and nice to see my friend Joe Yranski’s name there). So it does look like over time the house lost one fireplace?

    For once, it is nice to see a home close to the original with no major (at least exterior) rennovations.

    Now, you next mission, should you choose to accept it, is Pauline Frederick’s house! 😉

  5. Allan Ellenberger says:

    Hi Donna, and thanks for that. I would love to get Pauline Fredericks house but if I remember it is up on a hill and behind a gated wall. I think I’m correct about that. I will have to check it out.

  6. Melissa says:

    Fabulous posting, Allan!

  7. Jim Lacy says:

    I love reading about this stuff too. Such nice pictures of Pola at her house. Keep up the great posts!

    BTW Allan, I won your “Celebrities in the 1930 Census” at the HU dinner raffle. Fascinating reading! Had trouble prying the book away from my wife — she loves it too!

  8. Allan Ellenberger says:

    Thanks Jim, I was wondering who won the book. I’m so glad you and your wife are enjoying it.

  9. Chris Burns says:

    My aunt and uncle (Sally and Jack Hanson) owned this house in the 60’s/70’s and I don’t recall the address, but I have also seen it listed as 610 N. Beverly Drive, which seems more likely for some reason. I understand the house was torn down many years ago (late 80’s, I think), so it’s hard to tell from aerial shots – neither one looks like the house I remember. Can you verify the address for me?

  10. Sigrid Wharam says:

    HI I was wondering if Pola Negri home is still standing. Because I have heard that a LA female singer moved into a Pola Negri old home in around 2012- 2013. So was wondering if one of her houses was one the singer moved into.

  11. Allan Ellenberger says:


  12. Sigrid Wharam says:

    Allen Does anyone have all the addresses of the homes Pola Negri owned. My Dad and Mom were friends of Valento and were guests of his and was also invited to Negri home I am coming to La and would like to drive by the homes if still standing.

  13. Allan Ellenberger says:

    Hi Sigrid, try The Movieland Directory, it showcase stars home. here is the site: http://movielanddirectory.com/

  14. Judd Peterson says:

    In about 1970, a friend and I had lunch with Jack Hanson at his restaurant “The Daisy”. During lunch he learned my family was into architecture, and he invited my friend and I to go over to the house and wander around by ourselves because he thought I might appreciate it! Very kind and generous of him. There were some extraordinary features in the house. One was an immense dressing room for his wife Sally off their master bedroom. It must have been 15’x 30′ with one long side a row of mirrored doors with pull handles on each of them. Along the other side of the white room was a high row of windows. There was a beautiful, diffused sunlight in the room. As you pulled the handle on each door, a huge rack of clothes would roll out into the room.

    In the basement was a real, full-sized movie theater with a sloping floor filled with cushy velvet seats set in slightly arcing rows and two aisles separating the large middle section from the two side sections. There was a regular, full-sized screen up on a stage, surrounded by a burgundy velvet curtain. There was even an antique popcorn serving enclosure at the back corner.

    There was a pool and a tennis court in the back yard among thick, trimmed bushes and gardens. There were his and hers Rolls Royces in the roundabout driveway. It was quite the fabulous old Hollywood home of dreams, and a memory I’ll never forget.

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