Celebrity Homes…Colleen Moore


Colleen Moore

Then & Now




530 South Rossmore Avenue

Los Angeles, California







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9 Responses to “Celebrity Homes…Colleen Moore”

  1. Vincent says:

    What a lovely picture you have of her — so full of life! From everything I’ve read about her, she was as likable off screen as she was on it. People tend to forget how big a star she was in the ’20s. If you went back 80 years and saw a woman with that hairstyle, she’d be more likely to say she was emulating Colleen Moore than Louise Brooks (Moore became a star before Brooks did).

    I’m also delighted to see her house hasn’t changed much from the time of her heyday.

  2. Harry Martin says:

    I always find it interesting the fascination with awnings in the ’20s and ’30s. I think they add some pizzazz to a house — glad to see they kept one over the balcony.

    Now gotta look up where Colleen Moore ended up at — you piqued my interest!

  3. RODAN says:

    How far has Hollywood come from those days… It’s amazing the home is still standing. I see many of these old homes being “RESTORED” only to look nothing like the original structure.

    I remember seeing Colleen at an AFI salutes…some particular star…and way into the 80’s she still had that same hair-bobb.

    Thanks for posting these photos!

  4. Michael Kwas says:

    nice of you to include her, I knew her and respected her after her life’s problems, strong woman and beautiful. Glad the house hasn’t changed much. I was there about 1993

  5. Joe Yranski says:

    It is amazaing that so manyof these wonderful Hancock Park homes from the teens and twenties have remained, while those in Beverly Hills continue to be razed and replaced by “McMansions” on tiny lots.
    Colleen Moore and her husband rented this home from 1923 – 29. Upon their move to their new 321 St. Pierre Road mansion in Bel Aire, Irving Thalberg and Norma Shearer became the new tenents of the SouthRossmore property until their Beach House was completed in 1931.

  6. Allan Ellenberger says:

    Thanks Joe, you were the one that pointed out Moore’s home to me a couple years ago. I wasnt aware of the Thalberg connection. That’s interesting.
    You are right about the homes in Hancock Park surving the wrecking ball. On our recent tour of Beverly Hills homes, how many did we come across where it was obvious the original home was gone. Too bad but typical. Thanks again.

  7. Graceann Macleod says:

    What a beautiful home and what a nice surprise to see it looking much the same. Even the driveway tiles seem to be pretty much identical. Lovely.

  8. Harry Martin says:

    So interesting on the Thalberg link!

  9. Arthur Michael says:

    To see the home on Rossmore today would make you weep. Vans and cars parked on the front lawn and driveway. Everything looking decrepit. One of the most expensive neighborhoods in Los Angeles and it looks like squatters are living there.

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