Celebrities in the 1930 Census: Household Data of 2,265 U.S. Actors, Musicians, Scientists, Athletes, Writers, Politicians and Other Public Figures

McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers (2008)

This directory provides an extensive listing of household information collected for over 2,265 famous or notorious individuals who were alive during the 1930 United States Census. Figures from the entertainment industry constitute the bulk of the material, but the work also includes census data for hundreds of scientists, athletes, politicians, criminals, cult figures, and religious leaders.

Entries includes the household members’ birth and/or professional names, occupations, residential address, and an estimate of the homes’ values or monthly rental fee. Each entry also offers a brief guide to finding the household’s original census data through the National Archives microfilm. Several appendices provide overall population data from the 1930 Census, a complete list of the 32 questions originally included in the census questionnaire, and contact information for current National Archives and Records Administration locations.

Celebrities in the 1930 Census” Q&A on the Alternative Film Guide

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