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Allie & Mike’s Wedding…

Sunday, January 18th, 2009


Allie & Mike’s Wedding


 Allison & Michael Francis

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Francis


By Allan R. Ellenberger

On Friday, January 16, 2009, I had the immense pleasure to attend the wedding of two of my dearest friends, Allison Berntsen and Michael Francis. The site of their nuptials was the legendary R.M.S. Queen Mary which is docked at Long Beach, California.


I first met Mike and Allie almost ten years ago (wow where did the years go) at the Paramount Ranch where I spoke and had a book signing for my biography on Ramon Novarro. The event was the “Silents Under the Stars” where they showed the 1922 silent classic, The Prisoner of Zenda starring Novarro and the tragic and  “too beautiful” Barbara La Marr. Allie is a huge La Marr fan and they were there to see the actress on the big screen. I was a bonus (at least I hope so).


Let’s see if I can remember who was there that night – our good friend Jimmy Bangley, the talented playwright, Kevin McCauley; the Irish legend, Deborah Fullam and another person I no longer remember. Jimmy was being quite boisterous about his love of La Marr (imagine that) and I believe Allie overheard him – from that point we were drawn to one another like a magnet and became very good friends. The rest is glorious and loving history.


The service was held in the Royal Wedding Chapel on the Promenade Deck, which at one time was the first-class smoking room for the Queen Mary. Afterward, the reception was held in an adjoining room. A good time was had by all.


Mike and Allie are a great couple and both have great families. I’ve had some good times with them over the last decade (almost) and I hope for a couple more. I wish them the best of luck and much happiness – if anyone deserves it, they do. Shalom guys!


Here are a few photos from the event…







Allie & Mike's engagement photo

 Wedding invitation photo


The RMS Queen Mary

R.M.S. Queen Mary


Queen Mary Royal Wedding Chapel

Royal Wedding Chapel


The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple


The Wedding Party

The Wedding Party: Eric Berntsen, Allie, Mike, Brandon Francis


The Berntsen and Francis families

The Berntsen and Francis families


Cutting the cake

Cutting the cake


Mike & Allie



Sue, Allie & Mike

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008

Valentino Memorial

August 23, 2008

Hollywood Forever Cemetery


Here are a couple photos taken at the 81st Annual Rudolph Valentino Memorial Service of some of my good friends. Enjoy.


What a crew: Sue, Allie & Mike


ahhhh: Allie & Mike


Allie & Sue at the grave of Barbara La Marr