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Dude, They Got Your Dell…

Saturday, January 31st, 2009


NBC4 News Van “Smash n Grab” Caught on Tape



Jan 30, 2009


Dude, they got our Dell.


A Dell laptop was stolen Thursday in broad daylight from a television news live van, and yes, we want it back.


A man is caught on camera stealing a laptop from a television news vehicle.


The NBC4 vehicle was parked outside a Scientology center in Hollywood near Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. Unfortunately for the thief, the incident was caught on the center’s surveillance cameras.


The video shows a white man riding up on a bicycle and stopping near the car at 8:49 a.m. After moseying around for a bit, he approaches the vehicle, breaks the window and grabs a laptop and bag. He then flees on his bike.


“I heard the laptop was with the company for years and just one day away from retirement,” said an NBC4 employee who wished to remain anonymous.


Anyone with information, can call police at 213-972-2946.



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Hawk Released at Hollywood Forever…

Sunday, January 25th, 2009


Injured Hollywood hawk takes wing after recovery


Hawk at Hollywood Forever

ON CUE: Kristin Joseph releases the hawk at Hollywood Forever cemetery.
(Luis Sinco, Los Angeles Times)


The bird, found last month exhausted and with a broken leg, was nursed back to health at a Calabasas center. Workers there decided to return the red-tail to familiar surroundings.

By Bob Pool
Los Angeles Times
January 25, 2009

He’s one traffic accident victim that from now on will be watching for oncoming cars like a hawk.


That’s because the Hollywood resident that returned home Saturday after being hospitalized more than a month with injuries from a presumed car collision is a hawk.


Wildlife experts from a Calabasas animal rehabilitation center returned a red-tailed hawk that had been injured in November to the busy urban neighborhood it calls home.    (Click on ‘Continue Reading’ for more)



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UPDATE: Motion Picture Home to Close Facilities…

Thursday, January 15th, 2009


MPTF phasing out Woodland Hills hospital


Motion Picture & Television Fund


Facility closure is a cost-cutting measure


By Carl DiOrio
Hollywood Reporter
Jan 14, 2009


Hollywood’s iconic retirement community in suburban Los Angeles will close its on-campus hospital by year’s end and lay off a third of its staff while boosting its community-based health services.

The Motion Picture & Television Fund said Wednesday that it is phasing out an acute-care hospital and long-term care facility at its Wasserman Campus in Woodland Hills to cut operating losses that might otherwise bankrupt the facility. In 2006, the MPTF closed a critical-care unit at the hospital, also over money issues.    (Click on ‘Continue Reading’ for more)

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Tyrone Power Meeting…

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Film fanatic Colin meets the son of Zorro!


Tyrone Power Jr. and Colin Watling


20 December 2008
The Shields Gazette

A JARROW film fan mingled with Hollywood stars during a special US movie pilgrimage. Colin Watling was a VIP guest at a 50th anniversary event marking the death of movie legend Tyrone Power.

Mr Watling, 49, of Hedworth, Jarrow, has been a devoted fan of the handsome screen idol since he was five years old.


In recent years, he has befriended many of the stars who knew and worked with Power, who died of a heart attack in November 1958, aged just 44.


Mr. Watling and his girlfriend, Gwen Harvey, were special guests at the Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood, during the 50th anniversary movie celebration.


The event included screenings of some of Tyrone Power’s most acclaimed movies, including The Mark of Zorro and Nightmare Alley.


Mr Watling said: “Gwen and I spent a fortnight in Hollywood and the anniversary event was absolutely tremendous.


“I met actor Tyrone Power Jnr for the first time – and he looked exactly like his father.


“Plus, I was one of the speakers at a special ceremony at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where Tyrone Power is buried.


“I told the story of when I was a child, living opposite Simonside Social Club, South Shields, in the mid-60s and saw the movie Jesse James, in which Tyrone Power is shot, and how I burst into tears as a five-year-old boy.


“I’ve been a fan ever since and have met most of Tyrone’s family in recent years, in four visits to Hollywood.”


Maria CiaCia, a New York-based friend of Mr Watling, who organised the celebration, has expressed an interest in staging a Tyrone Power film retrospective on Tyneside.


Mr Watling also met Judy Lewis, daughter of Clark Gable and Loretta Young, during his Hollywood trip.



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Hollywood Heritage Needs Your Help…

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

Hollywood Heritage logo

P.O. Box 2586. Hollywood, CA 90078 / (323) 874-4005 – FAX: (323) 465-5993



Urgent memo to: Members, supporters and friends of Hollywood Heritiage, Inc.:




By now you are all aware of the attempt by the City of Los Angeles, Department of Recreation and Parks to evict Hollywood Heritage, Inc. from The Wattles Mansion and Gardens (1907). Now that so much of the “hard work” has been done to restore and save the house and grounds, they want it back. However, their plans for the property appear vague and they refuse to share them with us or anyone else. What will become of this restored and historic gem?


Since 1983, we have restored, maintained and funded this Cultural Monument at our cost, amounting to over $2,500,000. We have more to do and want to continue our restoration. The actions by the Department have disgraced Hollywood Heritage, Inc. and gravely tarnished our image and reputation for no reason.


We urgently need your help now.


Please send a letter (via the US mail) in support of Hollywood Heritage, Inc. to Mayor Villaraigosa at the mailing addresses supplied. He needs to know about our hard work and the potential huge maintenance costs the City will take on if Hollywood Heritage leaves – this, at a time when there is little or no money in the city budget. If this Hollywood treasure is not properly maintained, all of our hard work could be lost! The Mayor has the power to overrule this eviction and has done so in the past for a very similar situation.


We need as many letters of support as possible. Please encourage your friends and family members to write letters too. We CAN prevail with YOUR help.


Please write NOW, and mail copies as supplied or email a copy to:


I sincerely thank you for your time and your continued support.


Stephen X. Sylvester

Executive Director

The Wattles Mansion and Gardens


PS: For complete information on this entire issue, please visit our website @ or call 323/874-4005.



I encourage everyone reading this to write to Mayor Villaraigosa and the city council to ask them to stop the eviction proceedings of Hollywood Heritage from Wattles Mansion. If you love Hollywood – whether you live in Los Angeles, the state of California, or anywhere in the United States and the world, the Mayor needs to hear from you so that the preservation of Wattles Mansion and other endangered buildings in Hollywood can continue. For a brief biography of Gurdon W. Wattles and the history of Wattles Mansion, you can read Part One of my article that appeared in the May 2006 issue of the Hollywood Heritage NewsletterGurdon Wallace Wattles. Also, please leave your comments on this blog. Thank you.

— Allan R. Ellenberger


Please send your letter of suport to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and send copies to the following people and addresses:



Los Angeles City Hall

200 N. Spring Street, Room 303

Los Angeles, CA 90012

(213) 978-0600




Los Angeles City Hall

200 N. Spring Street, Room 480

Los Angeles, CA 90012

(213) 485-3337




Los Angeles City Hall

200 N. Spring Street, Room 470

Los Angeles, CA 90012




Department Recreation and Parks

1200 W. 7th Street, Suite 748

Los Angeles, CA 90017


And please send a copy to Hollywood Heritage:


The Wattles Mansion

1824 N. Curson Avenue

Hollywood, CA 90046






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Hollywood Santa Parade…

Monday, December 1st, 2008

Hollywood Santa Parade still sparkles at 80


About 10,000 people turned out Sunday for the 80th Hollywood Santa Parade. The event was canceled in March 2007 when the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce found it could no longer afford to produce the event. But the city of Los Angeles rode to the rescue and put on a renamed event last year that kept the tradition going. “This was something that I couldn’t in good conscience let die,” City Council President Eric Garcetti told The Times last year. “This parade is one of the last free things families can do.”


This year, organizers added a Winterfest street festival to the band-filled pageant.


By Jean Merl
Los Angeles Times
December 1, 2008


Call it the parade that almost wasn’t.


When the annual Hollywood Santa Parade began shortly after 5 p.m. Sunday, it would have been hard to guess that the tradition dating back to 1928 had nearly faded into history a little more than a year ago.


The band-filled pageantry — which began 80 years ago as the Santa Claus Lane Parade and later was known as the Hollywood Christmas Parade — was canceled in March 2007, when its sponsor, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, found it could no longer afford to produce the event. It had cost $1 million in 2006 and had left the chamber with a $100,000 deficit.


But at the last minute, after months of lobbying by Hollywood holiday parade boosters, the city of Los Angeles rode to the rescue and put on a re-named event last year that kept the tradition going.


“This was something that I couldn’t in good conscience let die,” City Council President Eric Garcetti told The Times last year. “This parade is one of the last free things families can do.” (Unless, of course, they wanted to trade a curbside spot for a grandstand seat, which cost $35.)


This year, city officials partnered with Radio Disney and other sponsors to put on Winterfest, a street festival leading up to the parade.


The parade followed its familiar, U-shaped route along Hollywood and Sunset boulevards.


“I’m very happy to keep this great holiday tradition in Hollywood,” Councilman Tom LaBonge, one of the city’s most enthusiastic boosters, told City News Service.


“Long live the Hollywood Santa Parade,” LaBonge added.


Merl is a Times staff writer



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Hollywood Under Smoke…

Sunday, November 16th, 2008


This is NOT Smog!


 These photos were taken today showing (or not) the Hollywood Hills under a blanket of smoke from the Southern California wild fires.



 If you look closely you may be able to make out the Hollywood Sign just above the Renaissance Hotel



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Griffith Park’s Designation…

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Griffith Park finally gets its due

Los Angeles Times
October 30, 2008

Observatory It was a big day for Griffith Park boosters today. The Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission decided today that the park should receive historic-cultural monument status.


The commission voted 3 to 1 to forward the park’s application to the City Council, which must give final approval for the designation.


At 4,218 acres, Griffith Park would be the nation’s largest historic monument. It was donated to the city 112 years ago by Col. Griffith Jenkins Griffith, who stipulated that the land be public open space for recreation and relaxation.


The colonel’s great-grandson Griffith Van Griffith applied for the designation earlier this year, citing the need to prevent commercial development and to preserve the park as his great-grandfather intended.


“I’m very happy,” Griffith said in a phone interview after the commission’s decision. “[My great-grandfather] would be ecstatic…. He didn’t want to turn it into an amusement park. I just want it to be like any other normal neighborhood park…. Where else can you go and get away in the middle of the city?”



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Haunted Hollywood…

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

Hollywood Heritage logo


Hollywood Heritage
EVENINGS @ THE BARN return for the 2008/2009 season
with a Halloween theme:HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD
Wednesday October 22, 2008.  7:30 PM      


Hollywood Heritage President Marc Wanamaker will be your guide to hauntings in Hollywood! Based on his 1994 book, Hollywood Haunted, co-authored with Laurie Jacobsen, the evening will be a photographic “tour” of sites in Hollywood that were and are reportedly “haunted.” 


Marc will explain how such research is done, what true haunted sites are, and which are bogus.  Using historical photographs, the presentation will include movie studios, theaters, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and other Hollywood locations.


There will also be two short films with a “haunted” theme: The First Round Up (a spooky Our Gang comedy short) and a 1931 documentary Ghosts of Hollywood – a tour of abandoned silent-era movie studios.  You don’t have to believe in ghosts to enjoy this GHOSTLY evening!

Hollywood Pantages Theatre lobby, 1931    Hollywood Heritage Museum    Douglas Fairbanks Studios, 1920.

(Pictured above, left to right:  Hollywood Pantages Theatre, 1931 ** Hollywood Heritage Museum/Lasky – DeMille Barn ** Douglas Fairbanks Studios, 1920).



Haunted Hollywood will be presented in the
Lasky-DeMille Barn

(across from the Hollywood Bowl)
2100 N. Highland Ave., Hollywood, CA 90068
Hollywood Heritage Members:  $5.  Non-Members:  $8
FREE PARKING!  Refreshments available.




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Hollywood Heritage Support…

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

Support Hollywood Heritage!


(Hollywood Heritage)


The City of Los Angeles has presented Hollywood Heritage with an eviction notice on Wattles Mansion and Gardens (see Los Angeles Times article that follows this post), a historic landmark that has been preserved and maintained by Hollywood Heritage for 20 years.


To read their press release reponse to the Los Angeles Times article, click HERE



To view the brochure that documents the restoration efforts of Hollywood Heritage at Wattles, click HERE (PDF file)







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