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Celebrity Deaths for 2018

Saturday, December 29th, 2018

Following are celebrity deaths that occurred in 2018. Obviously, it is not an all-inclusive list and readers favorite celebrity may be missing. If so, please feel free to add their name in the comments sections.

  1. Abroms, Edward (82). Film editor. February 13.
  2. Adonis, Frank (83). Actor; “Goodfellas.’” December 26.
  3. Akiyama, Denis (66). Actor; “Johnny Mnemonic.” June 28.
  4. Allen, Marty (95). Comedian. February 12.
  5. Allen, Paul (65). Microsoft co-founder. October 15.
  6. Anderson, Harry (65). Actor; “Night Court.” April 16.
  7. Anspach, Susan (75). Actress; “Five Easy Pieces.” April 2.
  8. Audran, Stephane (85). French actress; “Babette’s Feast.” March 27.
  9. Avruch, Frank (89). Boston Television personality; “Bozo the Clown.” March 20.
  10. Aznavour, Charles (94). French Armenian singer. October 1.
  11. Balin, Marty (76). Musician; Jefferson Airplane. September 27.
  12. Barber, Ricardo (81). Cuban actor. December 17.
  13. Barlow, John Perry (70). Grateful Dead lyricist. February 7.
  14. Beach, Gary (70). Actor; “The Producers.” July 17.
  15. Bell, Art (72). Radio Host; “Coast to Coast AM.” April 13.
  16. Berry, Ken (85). Actor; “F-Troop,” Mama’s Family.” December 1.
  17. Bertolucci, Bernardo (77). Director; “The Last Emperor.” November 26.
  18. Blank, Mandy (42). Actress; “Spin City.” October 29.
  19. Bluiett, Hamiet (78). Baritone saxophonist. October 4.
  20. Bochco, Steven (74). Producer; “Hill Street Blues.” April 1.
  21. Bomberry, Tina Louise (52). Canadian actress; “North of 60.” February 10.
  22. Bonner, James “L.B.” (30). “My 600 lb Life” star. August 2.
  23. Bonnot, Francoise (78). Film editor; “Z,” “Missing.” June 2.
  24. Bosco, Philip (88). Actor; “Working Girl.” December 3.
  25. Bourdain, Anthony (61). Writer and chef. June 8.
  26. Boyd, Neal (42). Opera singer; “America’s Got Talent.” June 10.
  27. Bregman, Martin (92). Producer; “Scarface,” “Dog Day Afternoon.” June 16.
  28. Brown, Dushon Monique (49). Actress; “Chicago Fire.” March 23.
  29. Brown, Susan (86). Actress; “General Hospital.” August 31.
  30. Bulger, James ‘Whitey’ (89). Organized crime boss. October 30.
  31. Burrous, Chris (43). KTLA news reporter. December 27.
  32. Bush, Barbara (92). First Lady. April 17.
  33. Bush, George (94). 41st President of the United States. November 30.
  34. Butterworth, Donna (62). Child actress. March 6.
  35. Buxton, Frank (87). Writer, director; “The Odd Couple.” January 2.
  36. Campanella, Joseph (93). Actor; “The Bold Ones,” “Mannix.” May 16.
  37. Cappotelli, Matt (38). Wrestler; WWE’s reality show “Tough Enough.” June 29.
  38. Carey, Michele (75). Actress; “El Dorado,” “Live a Little, Love a Little.” November 21.
  39. Carlisle, Mary (104). Actress; “Tip-Off Girls.” August 1.
  40. Carrington, Deborah (58). Actress, stuntwoman; “Men in Black.” March 23.
  41. Cathey, Reg E. (59). Actor; “House of Cards.” February 9.
  42. Chambers, Emma (53). British actress; “Notting Hill.” February 21.
  43. Chow, Raymond (91), Co-founder of Hong Kong’s Golden Harvest. November 2.
  44. Clark, Roy (85). Country & Western singer. November 15.
  45. Clarke, ‘Fast’ Eddie (67). Guitarist; “Motorhead.” January 10.
  46. Clearwater, Eddy (83). Chicago bluesman. June 1.
  47. Cole, Olivia (75). Actress; “Roots.” January 19.
  48. Cosby, Ensa (44). Bill Cosby’s daughter. February 23.
  49. Cullen, Ann (90). Wife of Bill Cullen. July 21.
  50. Daily, Bill (91). Actor; “I Dream of Jeannie.” September 4.
  51. Damone, Vic (89). Singer. February 11.
  52. Dane, Hugh (75). Actor; “The Office.” May 16.
  53. De Givenchy, Hubert (91). French fashion designer; “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” March 10.
  54. Dillman, Bradford (87). Actor; “Sudden Impact.” January 16.
  55. Dix, Robert (83). Actor; “Forbidden Planet.” August 7.
  56. DJ Avicii [Tim Bergling] (28). Swedish musician and DJ. April 20.
  57. Dodd, Sir Ken (90). British comedian. March 11.
  58. Donat, Peter (90). Actor; “The X-Files.” September 10.
  59. Dorough, Bob (94). Jazz musician; “Schoolhouse Rock.” April 23.
  60. Dowdell, Robert (85). Actor; “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.” January 23.
  61. Dummar, Melvin E. (74). Actor; “Melvin and Howard.” December 9.
  62. Edwards, Dennis (74). Singer; “Temptations.” February 1.
  63. Edwards, Nokie (82). Lead guitarist; The Ventures. March 12.
  64. Ellison, Harlan (84). Science-fiction writer. June 27.
  65. Emerick, Geoff (72), Recording engineer for The Beatles. October 2.
  66. Ermey, R. Lee (74). Actor; “Mississippi Burning.” April 15.
  67. Fabray, Nanette (97). Actress; “Caesar’s Hour.” February 22.
  68. Falkholt, Jessica (29). Australian actress; “Home and Away.” January 17.
  69. Ferro, Paul (83). November 16.
  70. Fleming, Lisa (50). “My 600 lb. Life” star. August 23.
  71. Fontana, D.J. (87). Musician. June 13.
  72. Forman, Milos (86). Director; “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” April 13.
  73. Foy, Eddie III (83). Casting director. November 3.
  74. Frances, Cornelia (77). Australian actress; “Home and Away.” May 29.
  75. Franklin, Aretha (76). Singer; “Queen of Soul.” August 16.
  76. Fudge, Nicholas ‘Duffy’ (28). Reality television show “Wicked Tuna.” July 19.
  77. Gall, France (70). French pop singer. January 7.
  78. Gavin, John (86). Actor; “Spartacus.” February 9.
  79. Gayson, Eunice (90). Actress; First Bond-girl. June 8.
  80. Geisel, Audrey (97). Wife of Dr. Seuss. December 19.
  81. Genest, Rick (32). Model; Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” video. August 2.
  82. Gerron, Peggy Sue (78). Inspired Buddy Holly’s 1957 song “Peggy Sue.” October 1.
  83. Gidley, Pamela (52). Actress; “Twin Peaks.” April 16.
  84. Gilbert, Lewis (97). British film director; “Alfie.” February 23.
  85. Gillis, Ann (90). Child actress; “Tom Sawyer.” February 7.
  86. Gimbel, Norman (91). Lyricist; “Killing Me Softly with His Song.” December 19.
  87. Giuffre, Carlo (89). Italian actor. November 1.
  88. Goldman, William (87). Screenwriter; “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” November 16.
  89. Gordin, Alixe (96). Casting director; “Scarface,” “Klute.” November 28.
  90. Gordon, Lorraine (95). Owner New York’s Village Vanguard jazz club. June 9.
  91. Gradon, Sophie (32). British reality show “Love Island.” June 20.
  92. Graham, Rev. Billy (99). Evangelist. February 21.
  93. Grantham, Leslie (71). British actor; “Eastenders.” June 15.
  94. Hall, Rick (85). Record producer. January 2.
  95. Hargrove, Roy (49). Jazz musician. November 2.
  96. Harmon, Kristin (72). Actress; “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.” April 27.
  97. Harris, Barbara (83). Actress; “Nashville,” “Family Plot.” August 21.
  98. Harrison, Richard (77). Patriarch on reality show “Pawn Stars.” June 25.
  99. Harvey, Larry (70). Founder of the Burning Man festival. April 4.
  100. Hawking, Stephen (76). Physicist. March 17.
  101. Hawkins, Edwin (74). Gospel singer; “Oh Happy Day.” January 15.
  102. Herbert, Oli (44). Guitarist; band All That Remains. October 16.
  103. Hillenburg, Stephen (57). Creator of SpongeBob SquarePants. November 26.
  104. Hodges, Chas (74). Musician; Chas & Dave. September 22.
  105. Hof, Dennis (72). Nevada brothel owner; “Cathouse” (HBO). October 16.
  106. Hunter, Tab (86). Actor; “Damn Yankees.” July 8.
  107. Hutchison, Scott (36). Musician; Frightened Rabbit. May 11.
  108. Jackson, Joe (89). Patriarch of the musical Jackson family. June 27.
  109. James, Jon (34). Canadian rapper. October 20.
  110. Janus, Jill (43). Lead singer heavy metal band Huntress. August 14.
  111. Jay, Ricky (70). Master magician. November 24.
  112. Jean, Gloria (92). Actress; “Never Give a Sucker an Even Break.” August 31.
  113. Johannsson, Johann (48). Composer; “The Theory of Everything.” February 9.
  114. Johnson, Georgann (91). “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.” June 4.
  115. Jones, Mickey (76). Actor; “Home Improvement.” February 7.
  116. Kapoor, Sridevi (54). Bollywood star. February 24.
  117. Karen, James (94). Actor; “Poltergeist.” October 23.
  118. Ketchum, Jack [Dallas Mayr] (71). Novelist; “The Girl Next Door.” January 24.
  119. Kidder, Margot (69). Actress; “Superman.” May 13.
  120. Kiki, Kirin (75). Japanese actress. September 15.
  121. King, Ed (68). Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist. August 22.
  122. King, Morgana (87). Actress, Jazz stylist; “The Godfather.” March 22.
  123. King, Wright (95). Actor; “Planet of the Apes.” November 25.
  124. Kirwan, Danny (68). Musician; guitarist Fleetwood Mac. June 8.
  125. Knox, Nick (60). Drummer for psychobilly band “The Cramps.” June 15.
  126. Kopelson, Arnold (83). Producer; “Platoon.” October 9.
  127. Krauthammer, Charles (68). Pulitzer-Prize-winning columnist. June 21.
  128. Kuma (16). Dog actor; “An American Crime.” November 21.
  129. Kurtz, Gary (78). Producer; “Star Wars.” September 23.
  130. Landsberg, David (73). Actor, screenwriter; “CPO Sharkey.” August 5.
  131. Lane, Joy (90). Actress; “Our Gang Follies of 1936.” February 25.
  132. Lantree, Honey (75). Musician; The Honeycombs. December 23.
  133. Lanzmann, Claude (92). French director; “Shoah.” July 5.
  134. Lasalle, Denise (78). Singer and songwriter; “Trappe by a Thing Called Love.” January 8.
  135. Latham, Louise (95). Actress; “Marnie.” February 12.
  136. Lawford, Christopher (63). Actor, author; son of Peter Lawford. September 4.
  137. Le Guin, Ursula (88). Author; “The Left Hand of Darkness.” January 22.
  138. Leach, Robin (76). Entertainment news columnist. August 20.
  139. Lee, Stan (95). Creator of Spider-Man, Daredevil and X-Men. November 12.
  140. Lima, Devin (41). Singer; 90s band LFO. November 21.
  141. Locke, Sondra (74). Actress; “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.” November 3.
  142. Lockwood, Didier (62). French jazz violinist. February 17.
  143. Longmuir, Alan (70). Founding member of the Bay City Rollers. June 20.
  144. Lopez Jr., Carlos (35). Reality star on “Operation Repo.” June 24.
  145. Loud, William (97). Patriarch of first reality TV families “The Louds.” July 26.
  146. Lund, Deanna (81). Actress; “Land of the Giants.” June 22.
  147. Lynne, Dame Gillian (92). Ballerina. July 1.
  148. MacDermot, Galt (89). Composer; “Hair.” December 17.
  149. MacDonald, Mike (63). Canadian stand-up comedian. March 17.
  150. MacGregor, Katherine (93). Actress; “Little House on the Prairie.” November 13.
  151. Mahoney, John (77). Actor; “Frasier.” February 4.
  152. Malone, Dorothy (92). Actress; “Written on the Wind.” January 19.
  153. Mandan, Robert (86). Television actor; “Soap.” April 29.
  154. Mandela, Winnie (81). Wife of Nelson Mandela. April 2.
  155. Maren, Jerry (98). Actor; “The Wizard of Oz.” May 24.
  156. Marquez, Vanessa (49). Actress; “ER.” August 31.
  157. Marshall, Penny (75). Actress, director; “Laverne and Shirley.” December 18.
  158. Masekela, Hugh (78). South African jazz musician. January 23.
  159. Masterson, Peter (84). Writer; “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.” December 18.
  160. Matthews, Al (75). Actor; “Aliens.” September 22.
  161. Maxwell, Jan (61). Actress. February 11.
  162. Maynard, Bill (89). British actor; “Heartbeat.” March 30.
  163. Mazzie, Marin (57). Broadway actress; “Ragtime.” September 13.
  164. McCain, John (81). U.S. Senator from Arizona. August 25.
  165. McCann, Chuck (83). Children’s Television Host, comedian. April 8.
  166. McCay, Peggy (90). Actress; “Days of Our Lives.” October 7.
  167. McClellan, Beverly (49). Contestant “The Voice.” October 30.
  168. McEveety, Vincent (88). Director; “The Untouchables.” May 19.
  169. McHenry, Lyric (26). Realty star; “EJNYC.” August 14.
  170. McLerie, Allyn Ann (91). Actress; “Where’s Charley.” May 21.
  171. Miller, Mac (26). Rapper and producer. September 7.
  172. Miller, Warren (93). Filmmaker. January 24.
  173. Mitchell, Arthur (84). Ballet dancer; Dance Theatre of Harlem. September 19.
  174. Mitchell, Laurie (90). Actress; “Queen of Outer Space.” September 20.
  175. Moffat, Donald (87). Actor; “The Thing.” December 20.
  176. Morison, Patricia (103). Actress; “Dressed to Kill.” May 20.
  177. Murphy, Geoff (80). Director; “The Quiet Earth.” December 3.
  178. Murphy, Matt ‘Guitar’ (88). Musician; “Blues Brothers Band.” June 15.
  179. Neilson, Annabelle (49). Star of Bravo realty show “Ladies of London.” July 12.
  180. Nelson, Miriam (98). Actress; “Duffy’s Tavern.” August 12.
  181. Neville, Charles (79). Saxophone player; Neville Bros. Band. April 26.
  182. Norden, Denis (96). TV host and comedy writer. September 19.
  183. Nuriddin, Jalal Mansur (74). “Grandfather of Rap.” June 4.
  184. O’Connor, Derrick (77). Actor; “Lethal Weapon 2.” June 29.
  185. O’Connor, Tim (90). Actor; “Peyton Place.” April 5.
  186. O’Neil, Kitty (72). Stuntwoman. November 2.
  187. O’Neill, Alan (47). Actor; “Sons of Anarchy.” June 6.
  188. O’Riordan, Dolores (46). Musician; The Cranberries. January 15.
  189. Odell, Jackson (20). Actor; “The Goldbergs.” June 8.
  190. Oh, Soon-Tek (85). Actor; “Mulan.” April 4.
  191. Olmi, Ermanno. Italian director; “The Tree of Wooden Clogs.” May 7.
  192. Osato, Sono (99). Ballet dancer: “On the Town.” December 26.
  193. Ouedraogo, Idrissa (64). African actor. February 18.
  194. Oz, Amos (79). Israeli writer. December 28.
  195. Painter, Blake (38). Reality show star “Deadliest Catch.” May 25.
  196. Parker, Frank (79). Actor; “Days of Our Lives.” September 16.
  197. Parton, Floyd (61). Songwriter; Dolly Parton’s brother. December 6.
  198. Paul, Vinnie (54). Drummer for heavy metal band “Pantera.” June 22.
  199. Pavone, Kyle (28). Singer; We Came as Romans. August 25.
  200. Perry, Roger (85). Actor; “Star Trek.” July 12.
  201. Phipps, William (96). Actor; “The War of the Worlds.” June 1.
  202. Pilon, Daniel (77). Canadian actor; “Dallas.” June 26.
  203. Porter, Jean (95). Actress; “Sweet Genevieve.” January 13.
  204. Porter, Kim (47). Model. November 15.
  205. Prophet, Ronnie (80). Country music singer. March 2.
  206. Quintana, Charlie (56). Punk drummer. March 15.
  207. Rae, Charlotte (92). Actress; “The Facts of Life.” August 5.
  208. Rain, Douglas (90). Voice of HAL- “2001: A Space Odyssey.” November 11.
  209. Rauch, Siegried (85). German actor; “Le Mans.” March 11.
  210. Reynolds, Burt (82). Actor; “Deliverance,” “The Longest Yard.” September 6.
  211. Rhodes, Donnelly (80). Canadian actor; “Battlestar Galactica.” January 8.
  212. Rissien, Pierre (81). French producer. May 6.
  213. Rodford, Jim (76). Bass guitarist; Zombies. January 20.
  214. Rodriguez, Kyrzayda (40). Style blogger. September 9.
  215. Roeg, Nicolas (90). Director; “The Man Who Fell to Earth.” November 23.
  216. Roth, Philip (85). Novelist; “Portnoy’s Complaint.” May 22.
  217. Rowland, Dave (74). Singer (Dave & Sugar). November 1.
  218. Rubenstein, Arthur (80). Composer; “War Games.” April 23.
  219. Russell, Barbara (85). Actress; “Day of the Dead.” August 25.
  220. Salling, Mark (35). Actor; “Glee.” January 30.
  221. Santana, Fredo (27). Rapper. January 19.
  222. Sawyer, Connie (105). Actress; “Oh God!” January 22.
  223. Schnepp, Jon (51). Director; “Metalocalypse.” July 19.
  224. Schultz, Ed (64). Political commentator. July 5.
  225. Scruggs, Randy (64). Musician. April 17.
  226. Shange, Ntozake (70). Poet and playwright. October 28.
  227. Shelley, Pete (63). Singer; punk rock band Buzzcocks. December 6.
  228. Shore, Mitzi (87). Comic; owner of the Comedy Store. April 11.
  229. Shreve, Anita (71). Novelist; “The Pilot’s Wife.” March 29.
  230. Simon, Neil (91). Playwright; “The Odd Couple.” August 26.
  231. Sinatra, Nancy (101). First wife of Frank Sinatra. July 13.
  232. Singletary, Daryle (46). Country music singer. February 12.
  233. Smith, Bob (59). Gay comedian. January 20.
  234. Smith, Chelsi (45). Miss Universe. September 8.
  235. Smith, Mark E. (60). Punk musician; The Fall. January 24.
  236. Smoke Dawg (21). Canadian rapper. June 30.
  237. Solomon, Russ (92). Founder Tower Records. March 4.
  238. Soto, Steve (54). Singer; founding member of the Adolescents. June 27.
  239. Sowle, Diana (88). Actress; “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” October 19.
  240. Spade, Kate (55). Iconic Designer. June 5.
  241. Staples, Yvonne (80). Singer; Staples Singers. April 10.
  242. Stefansson, Stefan Karl (43). Icelandic actor; “Lazy Town.” August 21.
  243. Steuer, Jon Paul (33). Actor, musician; “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” January 1.
  244. Stiers, David Ogden (75). Actor; “M*A*S*H.” March 3.
  245. Strauss, Jael (34). “America’s Next Top Model” contestant. December 4.
  246. Sung, Elizabeth (63). Actress; “The Young and the Restless.” May 22.
  247. Swift, Richard (41). Multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter. July 3.
  248. Swofford, Ken (85). Actor; “Annie.” November 1.
  249. Takahata, Isao (82). Anime visionary; founder Studio Ghibli. April 5.
  250. Taylor, Cecil (89). Jazz pianist. April 5.
  251. Taylor, Delores (85). Actress; “Billy Jack.” March 23.
  252. Taylor, Joel (38). Meteorologist; “Storm Chasers.” January 23.
  253. Theilade, Nini (102). Ballet dancer; “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” February 13.
  254. Thomas, Ray (76). Musician; “Moody Blues.” January 4.
  255. Thorpe, Jerry (92). Producer; “Kung Fu.” September 25.
  256. Thyssen, Greta (90). Double for Marilyn Monroe. January 6.
  257. Tracey, Doreen (74). Actress; “Mouseketeers.” January 10.
  258. Troyer, Verne (49). Actor; “Austin Powers.” April 21.
  259. Vader [Leon White] (63). WWE and WCW legend. June 18.
  260. Van Dyke, Jerry (86). Actor; “Coach.” January 5.
  261. Varro, Micki (75). Actress, jazz singer; “The Champ.” January 16.
  262. Vasquez, Paul John (48). Actor; “Sons of Anarchy.” September 25.
  263. Vinton, Will (70). Master of Claymation (coined the term). October 4.
  264. Vogel, Jessica (34). “Hell’s Kitchen” contestant. July 30.
  265. Walker, Clint (90). Actor; “Cheyenne.” May 21.
  266. Walker, Mort (94). Comic strip writer; “Beetle Bailey.” January 27.
  267. Wells, Audrey (58). Director, screenwriter; “Under the Tuscan Sun.” October 4.
  268. Wendel, Elmarie (78). Actress; “3rd Rock from the Sun.” July 21.
  269. White, Lari (52). Singer-songwriter. January 23.
  270. Williams, Sammy (69). Actor; “A Chorus Line.” March 17.
  271. Willis, Eddie (82). Motown guitarist. August 20.
  272. Wilson, Nancy (81). Torch singer. December 13.
  273. Wilson, Scott (76). Actor; “The Walking Dead.” October 6.
  274. Witt, Paul Junger (77). Television producer; “The Golden Girls.” April 27.
  275. Wolders, Robert (81). Actor; “Laredo.” July 12.
  276. Wolfe, Tom (88). Author and journalist. May 14.
  277. Wyngarde, Peter (90). British actor; “Department S.” January 15.
  278. XXXTentacion [Jahseh Onfroy] (20). Rapper. June 18.
  279. Yarnall, Celeste (74). Actress; “Live a Little, Love a Little,” Star Trek.” October 7.
  280. Yong, Jin (94), Chinese martial arts novel grandmaster. October 30.
  281. Zadan, Craig (69). Producer; Academy Awards telecasts. August 20.
  282. Zarin, Bobby (71). Realty star; “Real Housewives of New York.” January 13.
  283. Zorich, Louis (93). Actor; “Mad About You.” January 30.

In memory of Pauline Flood… also known as “Baby Sunshine”

Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Today, October 19, 2017, it has been one-hundred years since the tragic death of silent film child actress Pauline Flood, also-known-as “Baby Sunshine.” Little Pauline was almost two years old when, while playing on the Universal Studios lot, she crawled in front of a moving truck. She died shortly afterward at Hollywood Receiving Hospital.

Pauline, born on December 1, 1915, was the daughter of James and Ethel (Kolble) Flood. As “Baby Sunshine,” she apparently appeared in at least nine films, but Imdb has no record of her work. Variety said at the time that she was known as the “tiniest star in films.” Another source cited her tragic death as “…the youngest celebrity ever to have been killed by a car.” Regrettably, there are no known photographs of her.

Pauline Flood’s death certificate (click on image to enlarge)

Pauline is buried at Rosedale in Section 7 (Lot 1, Grave 2N-2W) in a section reserved for children. Her grave is reported to be unmarked.

Within three months, Pauline’s father James, died from diabetes on January 9, 1918, and was buried at Rosedale. He was 49.

Pauline’s mother, Ethel, who was 28 at the time, remarried and died from tuberculosis on October 18, 1925–eight years (shy one day) after Pauline’s death. Her new husband, John Ashbridge, buried her at Odd Fellow’s Cemetery.

If anyone has information to share about Pauline Flood’s life and films, please post your comments here.


Carl Laemmle’s Death & Funeral…

Sunday, August 27th, 2017

Carl Laemmle

He was lovingly known as “Uncle Carl” and the “Little Napoleon” to those who knew and worked for him. Carl Laemmle, Sr., motion picture pioneer and founder of Universal Studios, was the first of the movie moguls to pass away since the death of Irving Thalberg just two years earlier.

A German immigrant, Laemmle had only $50 when he first arrived in the United States in 1893. In his early years, he first was a package-wrapper in Chicago, and then a clothing store clerk in Oshkosh, Wisconsin where he eventually became manager and saved $2,000.

In 1906 he returned to Chicago and opened a 5 and 10-cent store where he happened to behold a line of people waiting to pay their nickels to see a motion picture and decided to become a film theater operator instead. He named the theater the White Front and charged 5 cents, offering whatever crude films he could find.

From this he established a film exchange and from that success, went to New York where he began to produce his own films. This ultimately led to the founding of Universal Studios and film history when he sent a company to England to film Ivanhoe (1913) in its original setting.

Moving operations to California, he eventually purchased 230 acres in the San Fernando Valley, just outside of Hollywood, and here founded Universal City on March 15, 1915. His most successful films included Traffic in Souls (1913), Foolish Wives (1922), The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923), Phantom of the Opera (1925) and All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) which won the Academy Award for Best Picture that year. When talkies arrived, he remained president but handed much of the studios production to his son, Carl Laemmle, Jr.

In 1936, because of financial problems, most notably due to the overruns on the budget of Showboat (1936) and the ravages of the depression, Laemmle was eventually forced to retire, selling the studio to Standard Capital Company.

For the next three years, Laemmle maintained an office in Hollywood to take care of his various business interests. He finally ceased this activity, and spent most of his time at his home at 1275 Benedict Canyon, which was the former residence of producer Thomas H. Ince.

Laemmle suffered his first heart attack on July 14, 1939; this was followed by several milder attacks. On September 23, he went for a car ride hoping to gain some relief from the heat. Upon returning he declared that he felt a “little wobbly” but slept soundly the rest of the night.

Early the next morning he suffered two more heart attacks and his doctor was called. The third and fatal heart attack occurred while he was still in bed. Present at the time of his death was his son, Carl, Jr., his daughter, Rosabelle Bergerman and two physicians.

Laemmle was also survived by two brothers, Siegfried and Louis Laemmle and two grandchildren, Carol Bergerman, 9 and Stanley Bergerman, Jr., 7.

Carl Laemmle obit (click on image to enlarge)

Carl Laemmle’s death certificate (Click on image to enlarge)

Tributes immediately began to pour in. From Mexico City, Joseph M. Schenck, president of the Association of Motion Picture Producers, paid high tribute to Laemmle by issuing the following statement:

“The passing of Carl Laemmle was a shock and a great loss to the motion picture industry.

“Carl Laemmle was more than a pioneer, he was a builder. A kind, gentle man, he fought for the industry at a time when it was weak and shackled, and due to his courage and independence, the fight that was of nation-wide importance in its time was won.

“The whole motion picture industry must mourn the loss of Carl Laemmle, but in Hollywood where he lived and worked, his memory will be enshrined.”

That day, Laemmle’s will was taken from a bank vault and scanned to learn whether he had expressed any last wishes as to his burial — which he had not. At the time, his family was undecided as to whether he would be buried beside his wife (who died in 1919) in a mausoleum in Salem Field Cemetery in New York, but finally determined that he would be laid to rest at Home of Peace Cemetery in East Los Angeles.

Wilshire Boulevard Temple

It was also announced that Rabbi F. Edgar Magnin, the “Rabbi to the Stars,” would give the eulogy and read the ritual over Laemmle’s body, which would lie in state at the Wilshire B’nai B’rith Temple (Wilshire Boulevard Temple) from 11:30 AM the next day up until the time of the services.

As a mark of respect, at 12:30 PM on September 26, there was a five-minute period of silence at all of the studios in Hollywood, at the home offices of Universal in New York and at all of the Universal film exchanges throughout the world.

Rabbi Magnin intoned prayers over Laemmle’s body as nearly 2,000 of his friends and former associates listened at the Wilshire B’nai B’rith Temple. The ceremony was simple, as requested by the family. Laemmle lay in a copper coffin at one side of the pulpit, banked high with flowers.

Touching briefly on Laemmle’s rise to success from a poor immigrant from Germany to a leader in the film industry, Rabbi Magnin pointed out it was not the money he made nor the power he wielded but what he did with his wealth and his power.


“Many people are mourned after their death but not loved while they are alive, particularly those who have power which makes them so susceptible to hatred.

“But here was a man who was loved by all. He was kind and sweet. He saw all who needed him and never with a display of arrogance. He was always the same, sweet and simple. He never forgot he was a poor boy.

“He gave generously of his purse and his heart. His charities were widespread and of this I, personally, am acquainted. He gave to the organized charities but he helped more people in an individual way. He established a foundation and he took a personal part in it.

“He always gave to people who needed help, but he made them feel that they were earning what he gave them.

“He was a fine American. He was born in Germany and he always had a tender spot for the German people. He full well realized in the World War as today that they are victims of a government.

“His love for his home and his family was second to none.”

During the service, Laemmle’s daughter, Rosabelle, almost broke under the strain. It was only a few minutes after Magnin’s closing words that she was able to leave the temple and go with relatives to the cemetery for the interment.

Home of Peace Mausoleum

Carl Laemmle was laid to rest in a private family room of the Chapel Mausoleum at Home of Peace Cemetery. Universal Studios is still a major film company; one of only a few that still exist at their original Hollywood location.

Carl Laemmle’s grave (Find A Grave)


Tony Curtis’ funeral

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010


Fans, Friends, Family Remember Tony Curtis


(Photo by Rex / Rex USA)


The 85-year-old Oscar-nominated actor died Wednesday in Henderson, Nev.




Celebrities, fans, friends and family members said goodbye Monday to Tony Curtis.


The public funeral service in Las Vegas included a film tribute to the actor’s diverse career, The crowd laughed as an animated Curtis appeared in a scene from the television series “The Flintstones” and sparred with actor Kirk Douglas in “Spartacus.”


Jamie Lee Curtis, Curtis’ daughter from his first marriage with actress Janet Leigh, was among family members who attended the service. Jamie Lee Curtis said he was “a little mashugana,” using the Yiddish word for crazy, but always full of life.


“All of us got something from him. I, of course, got his desperate need for attention,” she todl the crowd of about 400.


Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger recalled Tony Curtis as a generous mentor who encouraged his budding Hollywood career when others told him his foreign accent and name were too much of a hurdle.


“‘You are going to make it,'” Schwarzenegger recalled Tony Curtis telling him. “Don’t pay any attention to those guys. I heard the same thing when I came here.”


Schwarzenegger said Tony Curtis refused to feel old.


“I mean, who has the guts to take off their clothes at the age of 80?” Schwarzenegger said, referring to Tony Curtis posing naked for a Vanity Fair photo shoot in 2005.


Seven colorful paintings by Curtis stood on easels while a photo of the young, dark-haired actor was projected on a screen.


Curtis’ wife, Jill Curtis, eulogized her husband of 16 years. The hourlong funeral will be followed by burial and then a reception for 200 invited guests at the Luxor hotel-casino on the Las Vegas Strip.


Billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian, actor Kirk Douglas and singer Phyllis McGuire are among seven honorary pallbearers.


The 85-year-old Oscar-nominated actor who starred in such films as “The Defiant Ones,” “Spartacus” and “Some Like It Hot” died Wednesday at his home in Henderson after suffering cardiac arrest.


Known for shifting from a pigeonholed pretty boy in the late 1940s and early 1950s to a serious actor, Curtis reshaped himself over decades of work and make himself impossible to typecast. The transformation was completed in 1957’s “Sweet Smell of Success,” in which he played a sleazy press agent who is manipulated by a ruthless newspaper columnist (Burt Lancaster).


In person, Kilroy said, Curtis loved giving friends and fans extra touches that made their face-to-face moments more memorable.