Burning bush at Hollywood Forever


Small bush fire at Hollywood Forever swiftly extinguished




A burning bush at Hollywood Forever was quickly extinguished today by cemetery security. Let’s hope it wasn’t a heavenly messenger with additional commandments – we can’t keep the ones we have. (PHOTOS: Allan R. Ellenberger)










5 Responses to “Burning bush at Hollywood Forever”

  1. CatM says:

    So who’s BALLARD and what do you think he wants?
    Actually…. Walter J Ballard was a journalist and an authority on political economy, statistics and corporation finance and was one of the few Americans to be honored with the Imperial Order of the Rising Sun of Japan. He died in 1918 and that is his grave.

  2. Jay Boileau says:

    For some reason i have an urge to build a big boat. 😉

  3. Karie Bible says:

    I really wish it had been closer to Cecil B. DeMille’s grave. That would have been perfect!

  4. CatM says:

    Actually it sounds like we need Ballard more than ever now. Perhaps he really WAS trying to send us a message.

  5. seotonsgeek says:

    Il y a du seotons dans l’air…
    C’est l’avenir du seotons

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