Barbara Billingsley Obituary


Barbara Billingsley, mother on ‘Leave It to Beaver,’ dies at 94




As June Cleaver, Billingsley was the model 1950s mom, clad in dresses, high heels and pearls even while vacuuming. ‘She was the ideal mother,’ Billingsley said of her character.


By Dennis McLellan
Los Angeles Times
October 17, 2010


Barbara Billingsley, who played June Cleaver, the quintessential 1950s sitcom mom on “Leave It to Beaver,” and later did a memorable send-up of her white-bread image playing the “jive-talking” passenger in the hit comedy “Airplane!,” has died. She was 94.


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2 Responses to “Barbara Billingsley Obituary”

  1. landman says:

    What a loss with this remarkable lady!! We met her a few years ago when she, along with several other “TV MOMS of YESTERYEAR” , were at the Spam Museum in Austin Minnesota. They were promoting recipes with Spam in them. Marion Ross, who once lived in Albert Lea Mn, was the Ring leader in the hilarity. We talked with Barbara and she gave us her autograph, and posed for a photo for us. She was so gracious and warm, just like June Cleaver is. May God bless you Barbara and your Family, and thank you for all the hours of quality acting you gave us.

  2. Indeed, her brief “Spam” ‘meatish’ career was hilarious. That is because, coincidentally, her great real sons, Glenn and Drew, continued the famous Golden Bulls restaurants – later Billingsleys, which served the top fancy and prime meats in California, and once catered Continental Airlines. Yet, Dr. Bill, was in fact also the real “Ward.” Without him, with Barbara, Glenn, Bob Hirschmann, Dr. Resnick and I would have been hoodlums of Cheviot Hills, God Bless

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