Celebrity Homes…Anita Stewart


Anita Stewart

Then & Now



Stewarts home as it looks today 
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7425 Franklin Avenue

Hollywood, California


 Anita Stewart


NOTE: The former home of silent film actress, Anita Stewart has been empty and in this condition for several years. The porch roof is missing and the grounds are unkempt. Hopefully, someone will restore the home and property before it is lost forever.



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21 Responses to “Celebrity Homes…Anita Stewart”

  1. James Bazen says:

    Interesting. Another neglected figure in film history with scores of lost films. Although that birth year of 1902 must have been the invention of Vitagraph’s or Metro’s publicity department. I believe Anita was born in 1895. She began at Vitagraph in 1911.

  2. Allan Ellenberger says:

    I thought the same thing. If so, she took that year to the grave with her cause its on her grave marker. I’ll see if I can confirm a birth date through the census.

  3. James Bazen says:

    Her real name was Anna Stewart, and she’s credited that way in her earliest films. I think the story goes that at some point early in her career her name was misspelled as “Anita” in an ad or something and she kept it.

  4. Jordan Gregory says:

    I live just down the street from this house and I always think about how tragic it is the home is neglected. Looks like it was a beautiful home. Not sure why it wasn’t at some point condemned and torn down. Do you know who owns it?

  5. Allan Ellenberger says:

    No I don’t know who the owner is. I’m not sure why they would leave it in this condition for so long. I’m hoping that they restore the home instead of razing it. We’ve lost so many historical buildings as it is. Thanks for your comment.

  6. Anita D. Stewart says:

    My father named me Anita after this fabulous star. She was always his favorite.He was born in Tacoma, Wa. in 1911. I thought I’d look her up and see why had this crush on her till his death in 1983. Please contact me. I wish her films were repaired . I have never seen her and I am 55.

  7. Scott Groll says:

    Allan, I looked up the property owner, and it is one Kenneth Mackenzie. I don’t know who that is, but there you have it. Thanks for this blog. I’ve just discovered it, and it is great!

  8. Allan Ellenberger says:

    Thanks for that Scott. I’m still hoping the owner will restore the property to its original look. And thanks, I’m glad you like the blog. Please return often.

  9. rosemary m. says:

    you will be happy to know that the house has been restored, check out the address in google earth, its glorious!

  10. dimitri geier says:

    I am walking by that house daily, its still dilapidated.. i really really would like to buy it and restore it.. feel such a strong connection to it. would be a dream living in it. Kenneth Mackenzie seems to own lots of properties around LA, hopefully own day our paths cross..

  11. K Heller says:

    I noticed a “for sale” sign on the property yesterday. I hope the buyer can restore it. It’d be a shame if it got torn down.

  12. Joeinne Caldwell says:

    I have a 7 1/2″ x 6″ bronze signed by Anita Stewart. I believe it is an incense burner. The only other markings is “Made in Hollywood”. I have research for years to see if I can find out about its origins. I have recently come across a film she made in 1925 “Never the Twain Shall Meet” and she is wearing the same dress and necklace, her hair is the same length. Was this a souvenir given out as a promotional with this movie? In 1981 I watched a Charlie Chan movie, and I believe I saw this piece with incense burning at the beginning of this movie. I have yet to find this again. Do you know anything about this piece?

  13. Joeinne Caldwell says:

    I have looked through all of the hollywoodland, and found it very educational. Great photos and documenting. I have taken my statue of Anita Stewart to a bronze shop and asked if it is bronze, and the sculptor *Heather Soderberg of Soderberg Bronze said it is electroplated, with a very hard cement inside. Apparently that is why Anita Stewart was able to sign this piece.

  14. John T says:

    Rosemary M…I live one block from this house, it is not restored and is worse then ever…not sure what Google Earth your looking at.

  15. Richard Sloan says:

    I did a little research on Anita. She also had a home in Brightwaters , on Long Island that is still standing and in good shape. Hope to see it in May. Filmmaker Ralph Ince (bro. of Thos.) was her brother-in-law, who directed many of her flicks. (His Brightwaters house still stands, too!) He was an alcoholic, and once beat up Anita’s kid brother George and bashed his head in so much (in Anita’s car!) that he suffered brain injury and was an invalide for the rest of his life. Anita cared for him until his death — maybe in this house? Ince got what was coming to him years later. He was killed in a car crash in London. His (third) wife was driving, and hit a lamp post. Ince died instantly. I think he hit his head on the dashboard. Anita wrote a book and had her songs published. She was rolling in dough when she died. She had no children. Maybe her late husband’s family inherited the house but didn’t have money to take care of it and deserted it on purpose to avoid financial obligations? Title could be searched, couldn’t it?

  16. Danny says:

    Does anyone know if there are plans or interior images of her home?

  17. Richard Sloan says:

    Photos of the inter. of Anita’s mansion would be so cool. Maybe one of the old movie magazines had them. I did get to visit her Brighwaters house 3 weeks ago. It still looks as it did in 1915 when she had it built and lived there for two years (with brother George). It’s in great shape and very cute. I also saw Ralph Ince’s mansion, which is only 2/10 of a mile away. It, too, is in great shape and looks just as it did in ’15 when built. I wish I knew about Anita’s house when I was in L.A. four or five years ago, as I would have liked to take a peek if I could . I understand it’s around the corner from the house Al Jolson and Ruby Keeler lived in when they were married.

  18. Danny says:

    Is really interesting to read all these comments about Anita Stewart’s House. I had the honor to live in the house for about a year back in the 80s, when it was still in good shape. The owner, back then, was a friend of mine and I ask him if I could live in the house until I purchased my own place. He agreed.

  19. Richard Sloan says:

    I read your post about having briefly lived in Anita Stewart’s mansion. I would love to hear more about it. Can you favor me with a reply? Was your friend who owned it a descendant of Stewart’s? How did he come to own it? What condition was it in? Did it have an original swimming pool? A garden? How many bathrooms? Approx. how big were the rooms? Were there statues in the yard? That sort of thing. I believe it was finally torn down. Are you still in touch with that friend? If so, can you ask him (or her) if he or she could get in touch with me so I can ask him all about this, too? I learned of Stewart and her mansion through my research about one of her films — the 1914 “Lincoln the Love.”(signed) Richard Sloan, 141 St. Marks Place, Massapequa, NY 11758

  20. Richard Sloan says:

    P.Ss Dan: — Not sure I’ll see your reply on this site, so please reply to me at emma1231@optonline.net. Thanx.

  21. Grant says:

    I live in a home Ms. Stewart rented in Laughlin Park in the late 1910’s. There’s a fantastic article in the LA Times dated Nov. 24, 1919 that talks about MS. Stewart and her younger brother that describes the home she rented in great detail and her life while working as a top actress. The article headline is “In the House that Cupid Rules”.

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