A Prediction by Kenneth Anger…

Will Kenneth Anger die on Halloween?


 (Photo courtesy Mark Berry)


By Allan R. Ellenberger


Kenneth Anger, the controversial filmmaker, is probably best known as the author of Hollywood Babylon and its subsequent follow-up. Among his other claims, Anger has said that he was the Changeling Prince in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, even publishing pictures from the film in his books. It turns out that Anger obviously exaggerated this fact (imagine that) and the role was actually played by a girl named Sheila Brown. Reportedly, costars Mickey Rooney and Olivia De Havilland have confirmed this and the Warner Bros. studio casting forms and call sheets have identified Sheila Brown as the child actress who played the Prince.


Much has been written about Anger and the inaccuracy of many of his stories, including the infamous (and erroneous) tale of actor Ramon Novarro and his so-called death-by-dildo. In 1992, while researching my biography of Novarro, I interviewed Anger’s friend, Samson De Brier (there is a photo of De Brier with Anger at the grave of Virginia Rappe on page 11 of Hollywood Babylon II) who met Novarro on several occasions. During our chat he mentioned Kenneth Anger and gave me his address, suggesting that I ask him about Novarro.


So I requested an interview but what I received was a brief response stating that he was moving and needed some cash, and would I be interested in buying a Swedish poster of Ben-Hur – for $2,000. There was no mention of an interview or an explanation of the dildo story.


Anger was a lifelong friend of filmmaker Curtis Harrington and both shared an interest in the occult. When Harrington died in May of 2007, Anger attended the funeral held in the chapel at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Actor Jack Larson (Jimmy Olsen in the Superman television series) gave the eulogy but was constantly interrupted by Anger, who blurted out remarks to almost everything Larson said.



Curtis Harrington’s cremation niche at Hollywood Forever


Near the end, Anger once again interrupted and proclaimed that he was dying of prostate cancer (which Harrington also had but did not die from) and that he told Harrington he would outlive him. He then announced that his memorial would also take place at Hollywood Forever and proclaimed, “Oh yes, it’s been confirmed. I know the date of my death. On Halloween 2008. My memorial. Right here! Halloween 2008!” He then added, “Invitation only! Sorry!”


So will Anger’s prediction come true? Halloween is in two days. Stay tuned.




Click HERE for Lisa Jane Persky’s account of Curtis Harrington’s funeral from ForteanTimes.



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  1. richard says:

    hi,allan…love both ur website on here and ur work…when is ur bio on miriam hopkins going 2 be published? can’t wait 2 get a copy of it…i saw her childhome in savannah…it’s a beautiful old victorian house that has been divided into apts now…keep me posted!

  2. Allan Ellenberger says:

    Thanks Richard. Miriam is coming along but probably wont be ready for at least another year. I have a pesky 9-5 job which has the nerve to take up a large chunk of my time. But just as Christmas will get her, so will Miriam. Thanks.

  3. Allan Ellenberger says:

    BTW, which home in Savannah did you see? Where she was born or from the 1910 census?

  4. Great stuff, Allan! I love Lisa Jane Persky. And I am very happy that Kenneth Anger will most likely NOT be at my own memorial service, to be held at Hollywood Forever, date to be determined later. All others are welcome.

  5. Harry Martin says:

    Excellent — and interesting — post as usual. Love the response you got when inquiring about an interview. 🙂

  6. Nov. 1st it is. Not dead, is he?

  7. Lynn says:

    Allan – thanks for the link to this excellent article…and oh my, the one thing I NEVER questioned about Anger is his insistence that he did, indeed, play the Changeling Prince – I guess I missed the true info on that one, eh? I guess if people tell a story enough times, they start to believe it…Lynn from H.U.

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