83rd Annual Valentino Memorial


The 83rd Annual Valentino Memorial



As always, the service will start promptly at 12:10pm in the afternoon. Plan to arrive early for better seating.


83rd Annual Rudolph Valentino Memorial

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

6000 Santa Monica Boulevard

Monday, August 23, 2010

12:10 pm


By Tracy Ryan Terhune


The lineup for this year VMS will include:


Noted author Allan Ellenberger who will speak about the 80 Year history of the Valentino tribute statue “Aspiration” This year marks the 80th anniversary of it’s dedication. Allan’s remarks will be followed by a video presentation of Aspiration from its dedication to today.


Allison Francis will be reading selections from “Daydreams”, Valentino’s book of poetry he released in 1923. This will be Allison’s first time to speak at the service, although she’s been a long time attendee.


Karie Bible will give us an overview of the Ditra Flame “Lady In Black” story. Karie’s presentation will be followed by a very rare (recently discovered) archival film clip filmed just days after Ditra’s announcement on August 23, 1954 that she would be giving up the Lady In Black role. When she made that announcement, she was wearing a white gown, with a blue cape. She’s wearing the same outfit in this interview.


Frankie Labrador will be joining us for the first time; Frankie has taking the time to learn two pieces of vintage Valentino tribute related sheet music that were never professionally recorded. Everyone will be hearing them at this years Memorial for the very first time!


Donna Hill, who’s recent release of her pictorial book called “Rudolph Valentino – The Silent Idol” will be speaking for the first time. Everyone from Kevin Brownlow to Leonard Maltin have given high praise to this beautiful book Donna has made this years Valentino Tribute video based on images she has selected from her book.


Rudolph Valentino had many friends who knew him well, but few knew him as good as Paul Ivano. They roomed together and shared many memories. Recently discovered but never published is Paul Ivano’s “I Remember Valentino” We have secured permission to read some of these never heard before, inside stories of Rudy in his personal life.


Ian Whitcomb will be joining us for another year to lead us in song.


All of these things and more, will make up the 83rd Annual Valentino Memorial.


“We Never Forget” is our motto. We honor his life, his legacy. Please join us on Monday, August 23rd in remembering the remarkable Rudolph Valentino.



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4 Responses to “83rd Annual Valentino Memorial”

  1. David Bret says:

    Our very best wishes for your special day, and an especial thankyou for your hard work in keeping the Valentino legacy alive and still thrilling. David & Jeanne Bret

  2. landman says:

    Oh how I wish I could attend this event! Allan, I know you will give a wonderful speech on “asperation”. Will you be recording and sharing on your blog?
    Thank you sir. I will probably post some photos and a synopsis of the event.

  3. robin longfield says:

    i too am so sorry that i will be unable to attend—all of the speakers are very interesting–Ian Whitcomb as well. I am sure it will be an absolutely wonderful event—I am hoping to soon see the photos and synopsis on your blog. Do any television crews typical cover the memorial service?

    Thank-you for all that you do in helping to keep Hollywood History alive .

  4. I love the memory of Rudolph Valentino, his movies, and his mark in Hollywoodland. I’ve been to Falcon’s lair, and his homes in other parts of Southern California and have felt his presence all over Los Angeles. In my new book Haunted Houses of Hollywoodland is a chapter dedicated to Rudy and his legacy and I’m sure he is proud of these fine people who keep his memory alive not just on the anniversary of his death, but all year long.

    Mr. Terhune and Miss Hills books just scratch the surface of this amazing screen idols live. He was very much into metaphysics and attended seances throughout his short life looking for the answers to lifes questions like most of the rest of us.

    Did Rudy find these answers in his short life? Or does he continue to explore in our dimension by way of we, his fans who continue to share in the wonderment of his life’s achievements.
    Rudolph Valentino is one of the most active ghosts in all of Hollywoodland History, he appears in the oddest places, on studio backlots, in homes in the east San Gabriel Valley considered the country in his lifetime where he rode horses and taught other stars how to ride,

    He appears at the beach and in the Santa Monica Mountains on horseback. And as a Psychic-Medium myself, he has been one of my spirit guides most of my life. Why he chose to help me with my own spiritual path is a wonderment in itself, but help me he does… Haunted Houses of Hollywoodland is my 44th book to date and I give great thanks to the encouragement to continue onward to educate those interested about the truth of life and death by way of my spiritguide Rudolph Valentino.

    This will be my third time attending the memorial and I look forward to learning more about this man who has taught so many people how to love, and live life to the fullest.

    Michael J. Kouri- Pasadena, Ca

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