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LA’s Graveside Companion

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009


LA’s Graveside Companion:

Where the V.I.P.s R.I.P.

By Steve Goldstein


LA's Graveside Companion


A perfect gift for your history and graveyard lovers!


Ten years in the making, this informative guide to a dozen Los Angeles cemeteries locates the 400 most interesting gravesites in Southern California. Over 270 color photos, informative text, and driving directions guide readers to the graves of L.A.’s most famous and influential citizens. Included are early film stars Rudolph Valentino, Douglas Fairbanks, and Florence Lawrence; along with Cecil B. DeMille and Jesse Lasky. It includes the graves of former slave turned philanthropist Biddy Mason and comic legends Jack Benny, Eddie Cantor, Milton Berle, and George Jessel; even the area’s most visited grave, Marilyn Monroe’s, is featured.
The text includes biographies for each star and where bodies are buried that are not in cemeteries! All who are passionate about history and the movies will treasure this book.


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