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Bart Simpson a Scientologist?…

Saturday, January 31st, 2009


Scientology promoted in Bart Simpson’s voice


Nancy Cartwright-Bart Simpson

  Nancy Cartwright and her alter-ego, Bart Simpson


Nancy Cartwright recorded her robocall to boost attendance at an event


The Associated Press

NEW YORK – Bart Simpson is known for prank calls, but Nancy Cartwright, who provides Bart’s voice on the U.S. version of “The Simpsons,” has been heard this week in a phone message using the voice of the cartoon boy to promote Scientology.


Cartwright, long a member of the church, recorded her 60-second robocall to boost attendance at a Scientology event scheduled for Saturday.


Although she identifies herself, much of the spiel is delivered in Bart’s voice, wrapping up with, “See you there, man!”


The Fox network would not comment, but “Simpsons” executive producer Al Jean said the message wasn’t authorized by the show, which has never “endorsed any religion, philosophy or system of beliefs any more profound than Butterfinger bars” candy.



Dude, They Got Your Dell…

Saturday, January 31st, 2009


NBC4 News Van “Smash n Grab” Caught on Tape



Jan 30, 2009


Dude, they got our Dell.


A Dell laptop was stolen Thursday in broad daylight from a television news live van, and yes, we want it back.


A man is caught on camera stealing a laptop from a television news vehicle.


The NBC4 vehicle was parked outside a Scientology center in Hollywood near Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. Unfortunately for the thief, the incident was caught on the center’s surveillance cameras.


The video shows a white man riding up on a bicycle and stopping near the car at 8:49 a.m. After moseying around for a bit, he approaches the vehicle, breaks the window and grabs a laptop and bag. He then flees on his bike.


“I heard the laptop was with the company for years and just one day away from retirement,” said an NBC4 employee who wished to remain anonymous.


Anyone with information, can call police at 213-972-2946.



Ghost Hunter in San Francisco…

Friday, January 30th, 2009


Ghost Hunter Visits Famed San Francisco Tombs


San Francisco Columbarium

(Hugh Young / Encyclopedia Britannica)  


For years people have claimed to have heard screams or seen strange things moving in the Columbarium in San Francisco, a repository for human ashes that is also home to some of the city’s founder.


The copper-domed Columbarium holds the remains and memorials of some of the city’s most prominent figures including Harvey Milk.


Paranormal researcher Patrick Doyle goes inside San Francisco’s Columbarium, home of some of the city’s founders, to search for the unseen. He shows us what is really there and what our mind thinks is there.


The Columbarium is located at 1 Loraine Court, near the intersection of Stanyan and Anza Streets, near Golden Gate Park and it is open to the public.



Granville, Terry & Mercer in the 1930 Census…

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009



According to the census, actresses Bonita Granville, Ethel Grey Terry and Beryl Mercer lived in the same apartment building in April 1930. At that time the building was called The Aloha Apartment Hotel – today it is the Leland Building and is sadly a shadow of its former appearance.



Aloha Apartment Hotel



The Aloha Apartment Hotel

6731 Leland Way

Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California


 Aloha Apartment Hotel



 Bonita Granville


Film Actress

Mary Tilford in These Three (1936)


Bonita Granville


Rent, $110


Census date unknown




  1. Bernard Granville (head), 41 / Illinois / None.
  2. Rosina Granville (wife), 35 / Illinois / None.
  3. Bonita J. Granville (daughter), 7 / New York / None.


NOTE: Bonita’s father, Bernard “Bunny” Granville was an actor and vaudevillian. In 1930 he appeared in two films, yet he is listed as having no profession.




Ethel Grey Terry


Silent Film Actress

Rose in The Penalty (1920)


Ethel Grey Terry


Rent, $60


Census date unknown




  1. Carl Gerard (head), 44 / Denmark (1899) / None [silent film actor].
  2. Ethel Grey Terry (wife), 36 / California / Actress / Moving pictures.




Beryl Mercer


Stage and Film Actress

Queen Victoria in The Little Princess (1939)


Beryl Mercer


Rent, $65

no Radio

Census taken on April 10, 1930




  1. Beryl Mercer (head), 47 / Spain (1915) / Actress / Motion pictures.
  2. Jean Herbert (daughter), 12 / New York / None.




Aloha Apartment Hotel

The Penthouse??




* Information includes relationship to head of household, age / place of birth (year of arrival in this country, if applicable) / occupation / industry.


The preceeding text is taken from my book, Celebrities in the 1930 Census (McFarland & Co., Inc., 2008). This directory provides an extensive listing of household information collected for over 2,265 famous or notorious individuals who were alive during the 1930 United States Census. Please note: The above photographs do not appear in the book.



Obit: John Updike

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009


John Updike dies at 76; Pulitzer-winning author


John Updike


The author of more than 50 books and myriad short stories was revered by some critics and minimized by others. He was known for capturing the mood and emotions of small-town, middle-class America.

By Mary Rourke
Los Angeles Times
January 27, 2009


John Updike, the two-time Pulitzer Prize winner for fiction whose novels and short stories exposed an undercurrent of ambivalence and disappointment in small-town, middle-class America, died Tuesday. He was 76.    (Click on ‘Continue Reading’ for more)



William Peterson to Get Star on Hollywood Blvd…

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009


CSI star gets star of his own


William Peterson


January 27, 2009


LOS ANGELES (AP) – It looks like William Petersen’s going-away gift from “CSI” is a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The ceremony is a week from today. Although no speakers have been announced yet, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce often lines-up the celeb’s co-stars to talk about how great they are, or were, to work with.




WHO:                   William Petersen
                            Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, President/CEO Leron Gubler
WHAT:                 2,379th Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
WHERE:              6667 Hollywood Boulevard in front of the historic Musso & Frank
WHEN:                Tuesday, February 3, at 11:30 a.m.


(Click on ‘Continue Reading’ for more)



Roddenberry’s In Space…

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009


Gene Roddenberry, wife to spend eternity in space


Majel Barrett and Gene Roddenberry


The Associated Press
January 27, 2009


LOS ANGELES — The creator of “Star Trek” and his wife will spend eternity together in space. Celestis Inc., a company that specializes in “memorial spaceflights,” said Monday that it will ship the remains of Gene Roddenberry and Majel Barrett Roddenberry into space next year.


The couple’s cremated remains will be sealed into specially made capsules designed to withstand the rigors of space travel. A rocket-launched spacecraft will carry the capsules, along with digitized tributes from fans. The Roddenberrys’ remains _ and the spacecraft _ will travel ever deeper into space and will not return to earth, company spokeswoman Susan Schonfeld said.


After Gene Roddenberry died in 1991, his wife commissioned Celestis to launch a part of his remains into space in 1997. She died Dec. 18, 2008.



Vitagraph Studios — Then & Now

Sunday, January 25th, 2009


Vitagraph Studios


Vitagraph Studios - Then




4151 Prospect Avenue

Hollywood, California


By Allan R. Ellenberger


Vitagraph was first founded in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn by vaudevillians, Albert E. Smith and J. Stuart Blackton. They discovered that the films they showed during their on stage act garnered more attention than their comedy skits, so they began filming everything they could, developing a strong distribution system. They also signed the first actress to a contract — known to audiences as the “Vitagraph Girl” (Florence Turner) –and eventually established a studio in Los Angeles.


Vitagraph-aerial view

Aerial view of Vitagraph Studios in 1922



In 1915, Smith purchased 23 acres of land in East Hollywood at Prospect and Talmadge Streets for $20,000. The lot contained two daylight film stages, support buildings and many exterior film sets. Vitagraphs’s major stars had included Corinne Griffith, Norma Talmadge, Wallace Reid, and Jean (the “Vitagraph Dog”).


By 1925, Vitagraph suffered from financial troubles and was bought out by Warner Bros. who had their main studios on Sunset Boulevard at the time and used the old Vitagraph lot as an annex. Among the films that were made or partially shot here include: The Jazz Singer (1927); The Glorious Betsy (1928); Public Enemy (1931); The Gold Diggers of 1933; Captain Blood (1935) and The Lady with Red Hair (1940).


In 1948, the lot was bought by the ABC Television Network where it was used for many games shows such as Let’s Make a Deal, Family Feud, the Dating Game, the Newlywed Game, and Password. Many sitcoms have been filmed here including Barney Miller, Benson, Mr. Belvedere, Soap, Three’s Company, Welcome Back Kotter and Who’s the Boss.


Currently the long-running soap, General Hospital is taped here, as is the popular night-time drama, Grey’s Anatomy.




In 1996, ABC became part of The Walt Disney Company. As the television and film industry entered the next century, the Lot was renamed The Prospect Studios. In 2002, the property underwent a major renovation to position its facilities for the future and new technical innovation



Hawk Released at Hollywood Forever…

Sunday, January 25th, 2009


Injured Hollywood hawk takes wing after recovery


Hawk at Hollywood Forever

ON CUE: Kristin Joseph releases the hawk at Hollywood Forever cemetery.
(Luis Sinco, Los Angeles Times)


The bird, found last month exhausted and with a broken leg, was nursed back to health at a Calabasas center. Workers there decided to return the red-tail to familiar surroundings.

By Bob Pool
Los Angeles Times
January 25, 2009

He’s one traffic accident victim that from now on will be watching for oncoming cars like a hawk.


That’s because the Hollywood resident that returned home Saturday after being hospitalized more than a month with injuries from a presumed car collision is a hawk.


Wildlife experts from a Calabasas animal rehabilitation center returned a red-tailed hawk that had been injured in November to the busy urban neighborhood it calls home.    (Click on ‘Continue Reading’ for more)



Ann Todd’s 100th Birthday…

Saturday, January 24th, 2009


Ann Todd


Ann Todd





  • BORN: January 24, 1909, Hartford, Cheshire, England
  • DIED: May 6, 1993, London, England
  • CAUSE OF DEATH: Stroke
  • BURIAL: Unknown