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Miriam Hopkins Update…

Sunday, May 18th, 2008

Finding Miriam’s Grandfather



Miriam Hopkins’ grandfather


by Allan R. Ellenberger


Being born in Georgia, Miriam Hopkins has always been thought of as a “southern belle.” While it’s true that Hopkins was born in Savannah and her mother’s side of the family are southern, her father’s side are true Yankees originating from central Pennsylvania. By chance, I was also born and raised in central Pennsylvania, not far from where the Hopkins clan are from.


During my research, I discovered that Miriam’s paternal grandfather, Isaac Cramer Hopkins, was buried in Phillipsburg, Pennsylvania, only twenty miles from where I was born. On a recent trip home to visit family, I treked that twenty miles and found Isaac, who died in in 1882, when Miriam’s father Homer Hopkins, was only ten years old. Miriam’s grandmother, Mary Ann Glenn Hopkins (1831-1915) is buried next to Isaac, however, she has no headstone. It is doubtful that Miriam ever visited her grandfathers grave as her mother was not a fan of the Hopkins family.


Unfortunately, the lengthy inscription at the bottom of the headstone is worn away from over one-hundred years of harsh central Pennsylvania winters. If you click on the above image it will super-size the photo and perhaps someone can decipher part of the inscription.



 A wider view of the Hopkins grave and Phillipsburg Cemetery.



Footstone of Hopkins grave