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Former Radio Building May Go…

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Landmark Hollywood Building in Danger of Demolition 


Hollywood may lose yet another historical building. The former KFWB (980-FM) news-radio studio at 6230 W. Yucca Street, will be razed unless it can be rehabilitated by April 3. City inspectors have declared it a fire hazard and an eyesore. The trash-filled studios must have its doors barricaded, graffiti painted over and must be fenced in. The current owner plans to build a 16-story combination commercial and residential tower — just what Hollywood needs.


KFWB radio was started on March 1, 1925 by Warner Brothers when the studio was located on Sunset Boulevard. The call letters stand for “Four Warner Brothers” however, other sources have reported it to be, “Keep Filming Warner Brothers.” Which ever is true, the radio station moved into the Yucca Street building in 1977.


A few years ago KFWB moved to a Wilshire Boulevard high-rise in the Miracle Mile area, joining four other local radio stations. Sadly, Hollywood is no longer the center for radio that it had been for more than 85 years.


Source: “Bad News for a Landmark of Radio,” Los Angeles Times, March 25, 2008


Just a few Hollywood landmark buildings that have bit the dust:


Brown Derby. 1628 N. Vine [huge hotel and residential complex being built on the site]

Don the Beachcomber. 1727 North McCadden Place [parking lot]

Fox Studios. 1428 North Western Avenue [strip malls and parking lot]

Garden Court Apartments. 7021 Hollywood Blvd. [commercial building]

Garden of Allah. 8152 Sunset Blvd. (West Hollywood) [bank, McDonald’s, parking lot]

Gilmore Stadium. 7800 Beverly Blvd. [CBS Studios]

Hollywood Canteen. 1451 Cahuenga Blvd. [parking structure]

Hollywood Ranch Market. 1248 Vine Street [mini mall]

Hollywood Hotel. 6811 Hollywood Blvd. [Hollywood & Highland complex, Kodak Theatre]

Famous Players Lasky Studios. 1520 Vine Street [bank, parking lot]

Lucey’s Restaurant. 5444 Melrose Avenue [parking lot]

Masquer’s Club. 1765 Sycamore Street [apartment building]

Wallich’s Music City. 1501 Vine Street [commercial development]

Western Costume. 5335 Melrose Avenue [now part of Paramount Studios]