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Obit…Heath Ledger

Posted by Allan Ellenberger on Jan 23rd, 2008
Jan 23


Ledger’s death is a shock to Hollywood, fans


 Heath Ledger


The body of the 28-year-old Oscar-nominated actor is discovered in his New York apartment. A cause of death has not been determined, officials say.



By Geoff Boucher, Matea Gold and Paul Lieberman
Los Angeles Times Staff Writers
January 23, 2008


NEW YORK — The death of 28-year-old Heath Ledger, hailed as one of the great hopes among his generation of actors, was a brutal shock for Hollywood on Tuesday and grimly ended any hope that the day would be a simple celebration of this year’s Oscar nominations.   (Click on ‘Continue Reading’ for more)


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Welcome to My Blog…

Posted by Allan Ellenberger on Jan 1st, 2008
Jan 1



Blog. Short for web log, an online, regularly updated journl or newsletter that is readily accessible to the general public by virtue of being posted on a website. Blogs typically report and comment on topics of interest to the author. What follows will be comments of interest to this author, Allan Ellenberger — part of which will be the process in writing a biography of the actress, Miriam Hopkins (above). Please check back regularly for updates and news about what’s going on in my life and the progress of the Miriam Hopkins biography.


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